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Trust No One: The Perils of Trusting User Input

07.12.2018 · Posted in Computer Articles

Occasionally, we like to highlight interesting or significant security issues that users of NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus might encounter. Application stacks are complex and it’s very easy to overlook obscure or unexpected ways that common features can be exploited. NGINX and NGINX Plus are a powerful way to both provide access to these features and restrict access. Careless or unwitting configuration can leave a door open for attackers.

We have previously covered attacks that exploit HTTP headers. In the HTTPoxy attack, the attacker uses the HTTP Proxy header to capture internal HTTP requests generated by an application, and in the Apache Struts vulnerability the attacker performs command injection with a carefully constructed Content-Type header. Both attacks exploit little‑known features in the application environment, and are dealt with by intercepting suspect requests.

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