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True Confessions of an Identity Thief

02.12.2009 · Posted in Finance Articles

Have you ever thought about how police officers and other officials protect their identity? We’ve got news for you! We’ve revealed precisely what these crooks disclose to the police about identity theft scams.nnAccording to the U.S. Postal Service, there were almost 12 million incidents of identity theft in the United States in 2006 at a cost of $6.3 billion to consumers. This alarming statistic has increased the alert level of many consumers; however most are still unaware of the specific tactics these identity thieves use. After an extensive interview, one notorious identity thief, revealed 4 misconceptions she used to separate you from your money.nnMistake #1: All Identity Thieves are MennnThis is a common misconception that our identity thief says makes her job so much easier. The problem is that most of the major media outlets portray identity thieves as men. The reality is that many of these criminals are well dressed attractive women. To avoid falling into a trap, watch your personal information with both men and women. Studies have shown that both men and women let their guards down around women more so than they do around men. Everyone is a potential identity thief. This does not mean you should be paranoid rather you should simply be very careful.nnMisconception # 2 Trusting Your Friendly Store Clerk or Waiter nnThis is probably one of the most difficult mistakes to steer clear from, because most of the time we have to give personal information when making purchase or eating out. However, some of these people have two jobs. By day they may work at the local shopping mall, yet at night they take on another job. This other job is basically to provide credit card and account numbers to people. It’s so easy to do, since the account information is in-hand. To avoid major issues, review your statements closely, and think about keeping track of your purchases with a journal. nnFor example, check your statement when it comes in the mail, that way if you notice anything out of the ordinary, even if it’s just $50, you catch it. Question: How long does it really take for a store employee to gain complete access to thousands of consumers’ personal information? Answer: A very short time. Based on what our infamous identity thief has stated, most of the identity thieves take on jobs for a little while, and after they’ve collected the data they need, they are long gone sipping mojitos by the bay!nnMistake #3: Immediately Tossing Out Unopened Junk MailnnGreat credit, good credit, bad or indifferent, it is of no importance. In any given month yoou could receive anywhere from 12-50 or more new credit card offers or bank account offers. One of the main issues with this is that most of us don’t take the time to try and secure our information. There are basically two categories. The first category is the person that doesn’t have a personal shredding machine and just tosses them or tears them in half, as if it wouldn’t be easy to put it together. The second category is the person that does have a personal shredder, but doesn’t want to take the time to shred their documents.nnRemember, the only thing a criminal has to do to get his/her hands on your personal data is go through your trash, and you become a victim. Having a hard time believing? Think about this, what are you usually doing at 3 in the morning? Well, let’s think about what the trustworthy identity thief is doing. He or she is in your trash rummaging through, taking information and going home to fit the pieces to the puzzle. Hint: Once you get done shredding the documents, add some water to the trash bag before sealing it and then throw it away. Your information will be chopped to little pieces and wet and smeared, which leaves it illegible.nnMisconception # 4 Sending or Receiving Mail from at Your Home nnHopefully you’re starting to understand the intensity of this issue. Identity thieves can commit crimes all sorts of ways. Your outgoing credit card payments now become their personal piggy bank. Experts say that some identity thieves are bold enough to fill out a change of address form in the victim’s name, simply to gain complete access to financial and personal information. Here’s a tip: Be sure to drop all outgoing mail at your local United States Postal Service mailbox. You may also think about opening a P.O. Box. Although it may seem like a hassle, you’ll be less stressed than losing your life’s savings; and these are the preventative steps to follow if you want to beat identity theft.nnThe biggest issue is that there are so many avenues in which to become a victim; stay protected all day every day. Don’t try to fix the problem alone!nnListen, very few people can successfully protect themselves and their families without help. The major problem is that you have been trying to do it alone and it is just NOT effective. How much difference would it make in your life if you had a proven guide who has been in the trenches? There are many companies like that provide identity theft solutions for people like you and me.nnWhen finding an identity theft protection service provider, make certain it has been recommended by law officials, and that the service will actually work in a real-life situation.nnIdentity Theft Protection and Identity Theft Prevention are serious issues. You can put an END to identity theft with LifeLock. LifeLock GUARANTEES identity theft will never happen to you. If you would like more information about identity theft protection, please visit

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