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Travel essentials for people who are extra about their gaming

02.21.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles
Travel essentials for people who are extra about their gamingThere are so many options these days for people who adore video games, have places to go, and money to burn. Hardware is more portable than ever, for one. There are many more options than just "the portable from Nintendo" and "the portable from PlayStation" these days. You've got tablets, smartphones, powerful gaming laptops, and even options for carting your entire console around.

Gaming itself is also just more involved than it used to be. A lot of the most popular titles aim to establish themselves in our lives as hobbies. The (relatively) niche popularity of MMOs like World of Warcraft has given way to wholly online social experiences that are as much about the hang as they are the gameplay. Read more... More about Gaming, Travel, Carry On, Entertainment, and Gaming

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