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Top Trekking Tours in Nashik

12.29.2022 · Posted in Travel Articles, Writing and Speaking

Trekking Tours in Nashik

Trekking is an energizing activity that gives you a lot of energy. A person who enjoys adventure would undoubtedly begin by looking for the best trekking excursions in Nashik. Explore the serene and beautiful Sahyadri hill range in Maharashtra with your family and friends, including its historical forts, ravines, and valleys. You can see breathtaking views of this rugged area from Kalsubai, the highest peak at 1646 meters (5400 feet). For your convenience, ladders, chains, and strong steel rails are available.

Another thrilling adventure awaits you at the old Harihargad Fort. A vast, enchanted forest surrounds the prism-shaped fort. As you stroll by the pond in front of the revered Shiva and Hanuman shrines, you enter a mysterious realm of tranquility and harmony. The stunning views of the Sandhan valley, the clean, pollution-free air, and the opulent forests await you when you prepare for an amazing Sandhan valley camping and hiking trip in Igatpuri. You can participate in rappelling while on the Sandhan Valley Trek, one of the many adventure sports available. Aashiyanainn is the best place to stay in Nashik.

Don’t forget to bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat, a water bottle, a haversack, and sunscreen cream to block out the sun’s rays. A hike through the Sahyadri mountain range’s greatest canyon will take you to the fascinating Sandhan valley from the picturesque settlement of Samrad. During this trekking trip, you can explore the breathtaking beauty of this deep, narrow valley with a rock floor located between two high walls of a hill range.

Trekking up the rocky, difficult slopes of Harihar Fort provides the opportunity to cross flowing streams and learn about the area’s alpine wonders. It is an adventure to view snow leopards in their natural habitat in the Ladakh icy forests. A trekking expedition to the Hemis National Park and a couple of the old monasteries is possible from Leh. A Perfect Trekking Tours excursion from Nashik will provide you with a tremendously gratifying and memorable experience.

Trekking in Sandhan Valley

Go camping and trekking in Igatpuri’s Sandhan valley with your family and friends to experience the true essence of adventure! The Sandhan Valley Trek combines rappelling and trekking for a unique adventure experience! Samrad, a settlement located nearby in the Bhandardara region and separated from Sandhan by two tall mountain walls, has a deep, narrow rock floor.

The Sandhan Valley is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. As you descend toward Sandhan Valley, you will have the opportunity for an overnight stay by the reservoir’s side under a starry sky. The Peshwa temples dated below and check in at your designated stations:   Take the Mulund-bound Kasara Semi-Fast Local-Slow bus.   CST :- 10:50 PM

  • Byculla :- 10:57 PM.
  • Dadar :- 11:05 PM
  • Kurla :- 11:13 PM
  • Ghatkopar :- 11:18 PM
  • Mulund:- 11:30 PM
  • Thane:- 11:34 PM
  • Dombivali :- 11:54 PM
  • Kalyan:- 00:07 AM
  • Kasara:- 01:18 AM

    Trekking Tours To Ratangad Fort (Overnight Trek)
  • Reaching Dadar(E) on Friday at 2300 hours, begin the exhilarating overnight hike to the Ratangarh fort and enjoy the stunning scenery. When you arrive in your area, start getting ready for your adventure. While trekking in Ratanwadi, you can admire the beautiful architecture of the Amruteshwar Temple. After exploring the cave and forts atop the hill, spend the night camping there.

Observing water cisterns filled with water is the best thing hikers can do. You can see the Rani Mahal, Katrabai, and the nearby Ajoba fort from the southern side. Discover the delight of walking in the strong winds on this trail through the thick forest. After ascending Trimbak Darwaja, the trek concludes at Khutta Pinnacle. Take home a wealth of memories from this fun journey.

Trekking Tours To Kalsubai (Sunrise Trek)

In spite of the fact that one can hike to a height of 5200 feet and observe flawless nature there, the ascent is a remarkable medium-level challenge, requiring both stone stairs and rails. In Mumbai or Pune, the two-day camping and trekking excursion begins at 0:15 AM in the morning. The best way to get to Bari Village is to take public transportation from Kasara.

On the following morning, begin walking for an hour and a half to ascend the slopes and reach the topmost area, where a red-walled temple stands. Return late at night to Mumbai or Pune after an exciting excursion. For the duration of the vacation, lodging, meals, and transportation are included.

Harihargad Fort Trek From Mumbai (One Day Trek)

It is located 3500 feet above sea level, and the trip to Harihargad Fort will take you away from the enchanted expanse of nature. In front of the Shiva and Hanuman shrines, the prism-shaped fort has a pond.

There is something captivating about the famous rock-cut steps, and the opulent, steep steps sparkle as you ascend them! On Saturday night, you will be picked up at the East Dadar Pritam Hotel at about 11.30 PM and the Nitin Company Junction at about 12 AM. After that, you can continue your overnight trip to Nashik’s Harihargad Fort.

After arriving at the base camp early in the morning, eat a satisfying breakfast before heading to Harhargad Fort. Explore the fort’s fascinating history and stunning architecture during the middle of the day, followed by a delicious lunch. As you return to base camp, enjoy your evening snacks. Return to Mumbai from the base camp. It should take you about 10 PM to reach the city, depending on traffic.

(Trekking Tours) Ratangad Fort Trek in Igatpuri

One of the most beautiful structures in the area is Ratangad Fort, which can only be accessed by foot through the Western Ghat forest. The easiest way to reach the fort is to trek through the jungle trails. Ratangad Ratan is the Hindi word for jewel. Among all the mountain forts in Sahyadri, this one stands out as a true gem. The site is approximately 4255 feet above sea level and is located in Ahmednagar’s district.

In the Ajoba hill range, it is surrounded by magnificent hills named Kulang, Alang, Kalsubai, Katrabai, Ajoba, and Ghanchakkar. Geographically, Ratangad is located along the Bhandardara lake in the Ahmednagar district. Despite having views of the lake and the highest Sahyadri peaks, Ratangad still has remnants of the fort, including stone walls and bastions. Near the top of the rock face is a cave that can comfortably hold 25 people.

It is common for trekkers to use water cisterns as a source of water because they are usually filled with water all year round. Meet at the Pritam Hotel in Dadar East at 11:00 PM. Meet at Nitin Company Junction in Thane at 11:40 p.m.There is no doubt that serviced apartments are the best accommodation option for travelers. These are the things you should consider when booking a serviced apartment. Next time you are traveling for business, don’t miss out on the serviced apartments in Nashik.

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