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Top 5 Alternatives to Awok in UAE

The use of technology has changed the market to a huge extent and choice of people for online purchases is the result of modern technology only. E-commerce has been possibly able to have the biggest market in the world. People are not at all convinced with the idea of going to shops all the way long from the cosy home and getting the things required. Rather they would opt to the choice of getting the things online. This has been quite a nice business opportunity for people and therefore there many budding e-commercial stores. In UAE, AWOK is one of the renowned e-commercial stores opted by people. But leaving this apart, there are many stores which can be chosen and goods can be bought at quite a lower price than that of the AWOK. Some of them are enlisted as follows:

  1. Brand for less:

This has been the very place that has managed to be the favourites for the people of UAE. This is a great alternative of AWOK that is available for people in UAE. With the availability of the customer-friendly websites, the company has managed to grab the major part of people’s attention. One can easily buy branded shoes, toys, slippers, dresses, and many other things at a minimal price. In addition to that, the shipping fee is also the lowest, and this is why people find it the best choice for them.

  • Wadi:

This has break entered in the markets of UAR in the year 2015. This offers the brands of cosmetics as well as fashion accessories and gadgets. They offer the goods to the customers at a very feasible rate as well people in UAE quite appreciate their services. They even make faster delivery of the goods if the customer pays with a debit card rather than those of paying with cash on delivery.

  • Expression Style:

Sweet items like those of the perfumes, dresses, beauty tools, etc. are available here. This has an online website grabs many customers, and various mode of payments are accepted as well. Credit card, debit cards as well as cash on delivery is also accepted. This has also been quite a perfect alternative to AWOK.


This is the website that has an alliance with Amazon. It holds major customer base in UAE. There are many varieties made available by the company to the customers and people can avail all of their requisites in one place. It is known as a perfect destination irrespective of the requirement of a buyer.

  • Mumzworld:

This company with the e-commercial site was found in the year 2011. Busy parents can purchase all the children items they require from the online stores it has.

Everyone is in search of a trendy dress but at a cheaper rate and affordable electronics items.  All the sites mentioned above are the nine favourites of the people in UAR where they can avail their required stuff at minimal cost. So these can be the perfect alternatives to AWOK in UAE. Awok customer care phone number can be used to contact their customer support department. For any type of information or support related to orders, returns, refunds or order cancellation, you can email their officials at Awok office email id.

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