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Tip Top Personal Injury Advice

03.31.2006 · Posted in Legal Articles

To avoid losing out on possible compensation the following advice would stand good although it is not legal advice.

1. Upon becoming a victim of an accident, make sure that to speak to an experienced trial lawyer to obtain specific advice. Normally lawyers do not charge anything to provide advice in an emergency.

2. In case you cannot reach a lawyer, make sure that you make a record and preserve the evidence. Making a record involves making a police report or a compensation report for on-the-job accidents etc. In case you need medical attention, hospital records will prove the injuries. You can also make a record of injuries at home by reporting to a doctor or a hospital to receive treatment.

In case of food poisoning, immediately report to the health department regarding the restaurant or the store involved. Always get checked up medically even if you do not have superficial injuries. The symptoms of impact and shock may take upto 12 to 24 hours to develop. All keep the doctor updated with truth otherwise your claim may tantamount to fraud later. Follow the doctor

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