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Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast And Safe Easily

10.02.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Getting pregnant can be very problematic. having regular, unprotected *********** will result in pregnancy within a year for only eighty five percent of couples. If you have been trying to conceive for over a year and still no luck then you may be within the twenty five percent of couples who have fertility problems.nnAge of course is a factor in fertility, with conventional studies putting a womans fertility in decline after thirty, and a mans after around forty, though men suffer in this way far less than women. Conception is said to take three or four times longer once a woman is over thirty five.nnFinding out how to get pregnant fast and naturally is the key, especially if you are over thirty five and dont want to wait for three or four more years to get pregnant. There are natural methods and treatments which will enable you to get pregnant fast even if you are forty, no matter what the conventional wisdom dictates.nnKnowing your menstrual cycle inside out is the first imperative step. You need to know when you ovulate, so that you can try for your baby at the right times. I know it sounds obvious, but there is an astonishing amount of women who dont understand their cycles and so have been trying at the wrong times and thus taking longer to get pregnant.nnYour body temperature rises when you ovulate, so keeping a record of your basal body temperature will enable you to tell when ovulation occurs. There are also mini microscopes that can be purchased which show the cellular patter of your saliva. When ovulation occurs hormones change the pattern of your saliva making it visibly different and easy for you to see when the right times are to try.nnYou will also need to take care of your health in general, till the soil so to speak. Folic acid is a crucial factor in pregnancy, so including supplements and folate-rich foods such as legumes and green leafy veggies in your diet is important for your fertility. If you have any ovarian problems such as fibroids or cysts, you need to also deal with this problem, as it can be a huge inhibitor to pregnancy and cause serious infertility problems.nnDont rush into surgery or heavy medication for fibroids and cysts unless absolutely necessary, because despite what the medicos and pharmaceutical companies say, there are natural ways to shrink and manage fibroids and cysts. Understanding the damage that some fertility drugs and treatment can cause to your hormonal and reproductive system is important, especially given the fact that there are natural alternatives which can help you achieve pregnancy quickly and safely.nnFertility treatments such as IVF and heavy medications can have serious side effects and complications and can cause more fertility problems in the long run. Playing around with your hormones can cause serious emotional and physical upheavals, and many couple using fertility drugs and IVF have the common problem of multiple births ” not everyone wanting a baby wants twin or triplets!.nnGetting pregnant fast is easy if you do everything you can to help. Infertility is usually an indication of internal imbalances, and these are usually caused by multiple factors. That is why addressing one aspect of the fertility problem with a drug can sometimes have no results. You can get pregnant quickly and easily without resorting to drugs by treating your body as a whole and tackling every aspect of the fertility puzzle, not just one side.nnYour dream of a healthy happy baby and a natural pregnancy are within your grasp. Tackling every piece of the fertility puzzle and understanding your body is the key to getting pregnant fast.

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