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Tips for Easy and Enchanting Digital Newborn Photos

09.17.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

It is only natural to want to capture the special qualities of your newborn in pictures. And many parents are quite meticulous in using their digital cameras and camcorders, snapping photos of each and every event – no matter how minor. Yet many of these pictures do not end up looking very memorable in the end. After all, most parents are not trained photographers; therefore, they do not know the best ways to take digital newborn photos.nnSo, here are some great tips that can help you to make your photos really charming and high-quality. Of course, just about any photo of your beautiful newborn baby will be lovely simply because it stars your newborn. But these tips will help you to take photos that are enchanting, high-quality, and quite impressive.nnPose your baby. Newborns do not pose at all. Instead of maneuvering around the baby, trying to find an angle from which to take a photo, pose the baby. Do this gently, of course. But try poses that will look delightful from above or from the side.nnConsider the background. Do not be so focused on how adorable the baby looks that you ignore the background of the photo – the wrong background could spoil an otherwise wonderful shot. For instance, if your newborn is still in the hospital and you want a photo of her sleeping, try draping some fabric around her to hide the not-so-cute hospital bassinet. Solid backgrounds are typically best, as they show off your newborns features.nnThink about the entire baby. Some of the most enchanting newborn photographs are those that simply capture one part of the baby. Consider taking photos of only the babys feet or hands, for example, or maybe a close-up of her profile. But also, as you think about the entire baby, make sure that any full-body shots do include the full body – in other words, do not chop off the edge of a foot in a picture.nnTake a lot of photos. It may sound obvious, but this tip doesnt just refer to taking many different photos. Rather, this tip is to remind parents to take several shots of the same image. For example, pose your newborn into an endearing position; then take many photos of that pose from quite a few different angles. In doing this, you will be much more likely to end up with more high-quality shots.nnDont always seek out a happy baby. Some of the most interesting photos of your newborn baby just might be the ones you take when he is fussy or upset. This isnt to say that you should ignore your crying baby just to take a few pictures, of course; instead, enlist your spouse or a friend to assist with taking care of your newborn while you snap some pictures.nnUse natural light or diffused light. Your baby may get fussy if you use your cameras flash. Natural or diffused light will keep your newborn calm and will show off your babys cuteness very well in photos.

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