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Tips to Overcome Procrastination In Academic Studies

01.23.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Being a student, it is necessary to complete your study tasks on time to achieve excellence in academics. Procrastination kills the progress of your academic excellence.

Let us understand what procrastination is all about and the learn tips to overcome procrastination.

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Most of the students’ experience is to share or ponder over things such as

‘I made a timetable that did not work beyond fifteen days’.

‘I sat to finish this chapter in two hours, but already half-a-day is gone, and I have not completed half of the chapter.’

‘ I will start studying from next week’.

If you say ‘yes’ to any of these above statements, then you are procrastinating things. And, it is time to avoid procrastination in your academic studies.

Let us understand what procrastination is all about and learn specific tips to overcome procrastination in the context of a high school student.


Procrastination refers to the act of delaying or postponing things. The delay could be habitual or intentional or due to ignorance. Whatever the cause, students must avoid procrastination to score well in their board exams and achieve academic excellence.

Knowing a problem means you have understood the solution. So, let us know what causes a high school student to procrastinate things and its effects.

Causes of procrastination in high school students:

The significant causes to procrastinate things for a student may be as follows.

The student may have:

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Low self-esteem and confidence.
  • Fear to fail in the exam.
  • Not have understood the subject.
  • Failed to concentrate on the subject.
  • A tendency to attain perfection in each stage.
  • Low energy or poor organization skills.

Effects of procrastination on high school students:

The students may experience or face

  • Low grades/score in schoolwork and test performance
  • Frustration or guilt in dealings
  • Avoid Unit tests or term exams
  • Avoid teachers or parents for direct conversation

Henceforth, it is essential to avoid procrastination at any cost. Know how to beat procrastination here.

Tips to Overcome Procrastination and start studying:

  1. Self-awareness

Before learning how to avoid procrastination, know why you procrastinate. Evaluate yourself first. Think of the things where and why you procrastinate.

For instance: You may feel interested to learn physics immediately, but tend to postpone chemistry learning.

You may postpone drawing the assigned diagrams but immediately solve all the assigned problems.

This helps you to understand what kind of tasks is bothering you and evaluate the extent of procrastination.

Just writing down the tasks makes you understand that things are really at the manageable end.

  1. Put your tasks in front of you

You can use a sticky pad and jot down the things to do and put it straight on the wall of your reading table. Or, you can have a written sheet and keep it on the table that is always accessible to you.

Seeing the things to be done again and again help you make conscious of the tasks in hand and you become alert to get the things done or start doing things.

  1. Set goals and timelines

Set your goals to achieve. This helps you to make accountable for the studies. Allocate sub-set of goal a specific timeline and hour of the day. Do not forget to set realistic goals.

For instance, by Jan 31, complete

✓Arithmetic operations in Maths

✓Electricity in Science

✓Mughal dynasty in social science

✓And so forth.

  1. Break down your task into smaller chunks

To help you accomplish the task, break them into smaller tasks. Set a specified deadline to accomplish the sub-set of the goals.

For instance: In the case of Arithmetic operations, you can subsets as

Jan 10: Complete rational and irrational numbers

Jan 20: Complete integers

Jan 25: Complete Natural numbers and fractions

Jan 30: Complete revision of the chapter Arithmetic operations

  1. Bring Accountability to the Task

Share your task plan with someone. It could be your close friend, elder siblings or parents. Report them often that you have completed this, faced this issue, done the task successfully beforehand, and, etc.

Spend some time with successful people, who finish their tasks on time and get inspired by them. It could be your father or sister.

  1. Get self-motivated and start working

Create a dedicated study space for yourself. Ensure that you have all the accessories in hand before starting such as water, textbook, notebook, exercise sheets, stationery, mobile apps to practice tests, and, etc.

Have a healthy eating and sleeping habits to support your task completion. Do not get into the habit of using the phone, social media, or watching TV in between the dedicated study hours. It may seem that you are looking into social media just for five minutes to see new posts of your far relative. But, when you start browsing, half-an-hour might have gone already.

So, strictly stick to your schedule. Save time by asking help from your teachers’ whenever needed. Learn study skills to accomplish the task efficiently.

Talk to your elders or teachers to help you in meeting the challenges while accomplishing the tasks.

  1. You did it!

If you check your calendar, you would be surprised to know that you have accomplished the task with success. Yes, you did it! You have overcome procrastination already.

You are capable. Once you get started, nothing can hold you back.

Key Takeaway:

Procrastination is not your cup of tea.

Getting organized is a simple way to overcome procrastination. Keeping a calendar, writing the to-do-list, remembering it and working for it help you beat procrastination in studies.


Get started with the process NOW!

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