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Time To Get Back In Shape! A BOB Jogging Stroller Is The Secret!

08.27.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Fitness lovers and new parents? There’s no reason to surrender your healthful way of life just because your baby is here now. In reality, that could be a great reason to get in even better shape! nnJogging strollers make life so straightforward. You can get your exercise, while baby gets to sit in the comfortable seat and watches the scenery. Finding the right jogging stroller isn’t hard, and thanks to BOB jogging strollers, the diversity is amazing. Jogging strollers are a way to get baby out of the house and burn some calories at the same time. If you have twins or children really close up age, no worries! The BOB jogging strollers brand has you covered with a double jogging stroller. BOB joggers are always great for pavement so taking a walk, or jog around the block is straightforward. nnOne of the really nice things about the BOB joggers, is they can go anywhere. Those 4-wheel strollers with the plastic wheels are great for going around the mall or test driving at Babies R Us, but if you like to hike, go to the beach, walk on trails, or even just navigate some of the paved roads in your neighborhood (ours have cracked sidewalks, high curbs, gravel on the shoulders, etc.) you can make your life a lot easier if you go with a BOB jogging stroller. They have an easy-to-steer 3-wheel design and inflatable tires and shock absorbers so your baby will have a much smoother ride – no matter where you travel.nnBOB Stroller Strides is a very special stroller. It was the first stroller designed for the nationwide stroller exercise program. The program (called “Stroller Strides”) encourages parents of young babies get in shape while still being with their babies. Whether you walk, jog, or hike, you can do it all with this stroller, which of course comes in a double if needed. nnThe most elite stroller is the BOB Ironman stroller. This stroller is formed to be light, while being cosy for baby so you can exercise. This one includes great security features, like a foot brake to help park the stroller on a hill. The BOB Ironman comes in a twin version also. No matter whether you walk or jog, a BOB jogging stroller is a superb piece of equipment to help you. There are several varieties to make a choice from in different price ranges, with different options. Find one that’s right for you so you can start jogging with your new jogging stroller today!

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