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Tiffany Tells You to Marry Him What a Gift

05.30.2011 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Dr. Marriage: rnrnPropose, is not a simple matter. Met his beloved girl, wanted to give her the warmth of life, but to how open it? Are you also a gift for the marriage proposal what to worry about it? Recommended for everyone today Xiaobian several classic Tiffany jewelry, gifts can also be used as a reference to marry Oh!rnrnTiffany Keys series is inspired by Tiffany & Co. Collections of the “key.” The collection of “key” by some experienced goldsmiths and silversmiths hand-crafted, exquisitely unique and there is no lack of classical charm, mainly for jewelry boxes, memorabilia boxes, photo albums, diaries, and luggage, and even open a private club and country as Manor door key. Many other key precious stone collection, is designed brooch or strap, and was sent to political leaders as a coat of arms or gifts.rnrnThese colorful of the “shield” is now being derived for the Tiffany Keys series, the story of the year the brand is now highly symbolic by Tiffany pendant or a strap to find a new location, get a new interpretation. Profound historical charm, supreme quality, suspension in round or oval-shaped chain link above the material you choose 18K gold pendant, rose gold, diamond, platinum, silver, each one unique and elegant Tiffany Keys no shortage of lively Interesting.rnrnTiffany Keys eclectic range of designs, the traditional “key” here has a new interpretation: Plaque forms, indicating that the other side of the route to success and confidence and commitment; romantic heart-shaped key, then as if to maintain the mystery of love with the faithful; poetic flower “key” is filling female beauty; In addition, flashing diamonds inlaid “key” that will take you to the unique world of luxury.rnrnWhether worn alone or layered with, Tiffany Keys can show it is born out of fashion, as the guardian of the secret, which not only allows you to understand and have aspirations, it is full of imagination, allowing you to wander in the endless romantic mood.rnrnPlatinum Jin Jingdian key-shaped pendant;#rnrnThe main part of diamond;rnrnModeling the main flower decoration;rnrnFashion bright, open until lock. Platinum round brilliant cut diamonds Phyllostachys key pendant petals. 2.25 inches long.rnrnLuxury diamond flower-like design, which will be the key to dazzling is that one?rnrnBeautiful heart-shaped bracelet series, inspired by the classical collection database design, petals engraved “Tiffany” word. Sterling silver heart-shaped and key bracelet, 7.75 inches long.rnrnSuch as flowers, like the heart seems to be locked in general, coupled with a little key, meaning is clear, will marry this bracelet as a gift, the effect be good.

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