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Thumper Jones

07.31.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If you know — good. If you don’t — you should. George Jones was one of the hardest drinking, fastest living son of a guns in all of country music history. Admittedly living a life modeled after his hero, Hank Williams, George Jones blazed a trail of infamy and heartache across the wide-open plains of country music history. Known for his distinctive voice and loose phrasing style, the exploits of George Jones have passed from mere stories into legend.nnAccording to Country Music Television, Jones is the “the greatest living country singer” today. In true George Jones style, I’m sure hed say something to the effect, “it’s the living part that’s tricky.” His clever turn of phrases and unusual vocal style can best be sampled on such legendary hits as “White Lightin'” and “If the Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me.” Then again, all of his songs carry that signature sound.nnFamously married to Tammy Wynette, their marriage was one made in madness. It was the stuff of legend, often requiring the services of the local sheriff to help them mediate. Of course that’s a fancy word for “cool off.” Between his drinking problem and her drug addiction, it was not the high point of marital bliss for either one of them, When it all came crashing down in 1975, no one was surprised.nnNow in his seventies, George Jones has not stopped recording or touring. Indeed, he is on tour this summer and is coming to a local gin joint near you. Though there might no be as much pep in his step, his voice is as rich and full as ever. No one can turn a song like The Possum. For those of you not in the know, that’s his nickname. nnGetting your hands on a set of George Jones tickets is as easy as pie. You just have to follow the links to the best little booking service around. Don’t wait until the last minute and fall prey to the scalpers. Get a great ticket at a fair price and sleep well at night. But do it quick, because the Possum is not on tour for long.

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