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Thomas Alva Edison

04.23.2010 · Posted in Exercise Articles

Thomas Alva Edison, a US scientist and inventor, who contributed a lot to the society in the fields of communications and electrical power, greatly influenced the world we live in. With more than 1,000 patents, Edison produced his most important inventions (1876 -1887) .including the phonograph and the electric light bulb (1879). He also constructed a system of electric power distribution for consumers, the telephone transmitter, and the megaphone.rnrnEdison’s first invention came in the area of telegraphy. Seeing that there is a need for rapid communications after the Civil War, he invented an automatic repeater for telegraphic messages. He next invented a tape machine called a “ticker”, Bulgari Replica which communicated stock exchange prices across the country.rnrnHe then turned his attention to the transmission of the human voice over long distances, and in 1876 patented an electric transmitter system that proved to be less commercially successful than the telephone of Bell and Gray, patented a few months later. Undeterred, Edison set about improving the system, culminating in his invention of the carbon transmitter, which so greatly increased the volume of the telephone signal that it was used later as a microphone.rnrnWhile he was busy with the carbon microphone in the 1870s, it once occurred to him that a thin carbon filament could be used as a light source in an incandescent electric lamp. He returned to the idea in 1879. His first major success came on October 19 of that year. He obtained a source that remained aglow for 45 hours without overheating

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