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This website will self destruct

Send a message about how you're feeling to this website or read messages others have sent. If there are no messages sent within a 24 hour period, "This website will self destruct." From the explanation:
Hi, I’m a website. I’ll be gone soon, and that’s okay. You can send me messages using the form below. If I go 24 hours without receiving a message, I’ll permanently self-destruct, and everything will be wiped from my database. That’s okay though. Until then, let me know how you’re doing. Other people will be able to read what you write, but your name or identity won’t be attached to anything, so feel free to say what’s on your mind. It’s been a rough month. With love, ThisWebsiteWillSelfdestruct (dot) com PS. I don’t collect any data about you other than the text you send me. I don’t believe in tracking people, so no analytics are kept about users. Consider this my privacy policy and terms of service.

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