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This massive portable power bank can charge 4 devices at once

This massive portable power bank can charge 4 devices at onceTL;DR: Quickly charge your devices with the Crave PowerPack 2: 50,000mAh Battery Charger for $189.99, a 24% savings as of July 28. 
So, you've decided to venture away from your home (masked up, of course) for a quick vacation or camping trip. Proud of you! But since you've been stuck at home for so long, you might've forgotten that when you leave your home, your devices die pretty quickly. If you need a way to keep your phone and laptop fully juiced up on your journey, check out the massively powerful Crave PowerPack 2. Unlike other portable chargers, which pack about 10,000mAh to 20,000mAh, the Crave PowerPack 2 has a battery capacity of 50,000mAh, which is massive. To put that into perspective, that means it could charge a new MacBook Pro to 100% battery power at least three times on a single charge. It can also juice up your smartphone from zero to 100% power up to 15 times. Pretty impressive, right? And it features two standard power delivery ports and two quick-charge 3.0 ports, so you can power up to four devices at once if you want to. Read more... More about Chargers, Work From Home, Mashable Shopping, Powerbank, and Tech
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