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This Kuvings cold press juicer can process whole fruits — and it’s $40 off

07.03.2019 · Posted in Health Articles, Technology Articles
TL;DR: This whole fruit slow juicer is priced at $399.95 on Kuvings' website, but Amazon has it on sale for only $359.
Just as you swapped your puffy winter coats for strappy summer clothes, you likely made a seasonal adjustment to your go-to-drink order: out with the frothy lattes, in with the cold-pressed juice.  You know the stuff: It's a type of juice that's processed slowly and carefully — crushed, essentially —so as not to mess with any of your produce's precious nutrients. It's delicious and healthy and gosh-darn refreshing in the thick heat of summer. And it's expensive — usually about $10 to $12 per bottle, depending on the juice bar. Read more... More about Health, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Solo, Juicers, and Tech
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