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This fat bear cam bear shouldn’t be at the river. But he’s on to something.

08.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
August is a notoriously sleepy time for the bear cams. The salmon run slows on Katmai National Park's Brooks River, so the bears depart for richer feeding grounds nearby. (Don't worry, the ravenous omnivores return in September to gobble salmon carcasses).  But one of the fattest bear cam bears, Bear 480, or "Otis," remains under the view of the live-streamed bear cams this August, beside the famous Brooks waterfall. Otis is a veteran bear cam bear, though, and has a keen understanding of how to grow profoundly fat in preparation for the deep, callous Alaskan winter. The 22-year-old bear must be onto something, because Otis doesn't usually hang out around the Brooks River in the typically quiet days of August.  Read more... More about Science, Bears, Alaska, Webcam, and Bear Cam

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