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This 49-inch curved monitor from Dell is on sale for more than $400 off

05.09.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
You’ve probably been there: You have way too many tabs and windows open on your computer and you can’t find the one that you actually need. As this happens, you’ve probably also wished for a bigger monitor to spread out your pages to help ease your search. If you see yourself in this scenario, it’s time to upgrade to a computer monitor that can keep up with you. Pull up a chair because we have a pretty sweet deal for you: The Dell UltraSharp 49-inch curved monitor is on sale for $417.50 off. Look, 49 inches is massive — it’s like having two 27-inch monitors side-by-side, but without bezels cutting into your screen measurements or breaking up windows. With the UltraSharp from Dell you get one seamless display that’s great for multitasking. Read more... More about Computer, Dell, Monitor, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Solo

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