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Think You are Ready to Have a Baby?

08.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Just as soon as you move into your own place, parents will often ask if you are planning to get married. Once you do get married, then your parents start asking when you and your new spouse are planning to have their grandchildren. They look forward to having grandchildren to spoil, show off to their friends, then send home to you. Although grandchildren are wonderful, take note that you are the one that will be caring for your baby, regardless of how much support you receive from your parents. You need to be prepared.nnIf it is important to you to climb your way to the top to reach your career goals, you should carefully consider starting your family now or waiting until you’ve gotten closer to your goals. Many careers can take many long hours of very hard work to get to where you want to be. Whether you will be able to juggle work and having a new baby is entirely up to you. This is something you should definitely weigh when determining if the time is right.nnYou need to also evaluate what your spouse would prefer to do. Is your spouse prepared to add children to your family, or do they want to wait for a little while. Your mate may not even want to have any children. You need to consider their intentions and goals for their own future. It is important to discuss children with your spouse and be sincere and honest about your feelings. If you happen to decide that you are not ready for children at this particular time, that is not a selfish decision, and you should feel proud that you have made this choice together. It is not wise to purposely get pregnant without the knowledge of your spouse. There are many women that decide they want to have a baby right away and try to get pregnant when their mate would prefer to wait before starting a family. You can severely harm your relationship if you are dishonest and tell your husband that this was an accident. The decision should be one that you and your spouse make together and stay true to. nnYour financial status will play a big part in your decisions. Many young married couples do not have that much money in the beginning of their marriage so it may be a good idea to wait it out a little time until your finances are better before making the choice to start a family. If your financial situation plays a role, you and your partner should both agree on your strategy to get your finances where you want them before building your family. You will also need to determine what you both think is a solid financial situation for rearing children.nnEvery parent wants to give their children everything they can, but this is an impossible task that could be detrimental to children in the long run. If you and your spouse decide that you should wait to have children until your financial situation is entirely perfect, you may never have a child. The decision to have a child is your own, and it is perfectly okay to decide to wait, or decide to start having children right away, as long as you and your spouse feel that it is the right decision There is nothing that prevents you from enjoying your spouse and the life you have carved out for one another before adding a child into your family. You should look forward to the love and joy that a child brings into a home, rather than feeling stuck. Women, just like men, are not always ready to step into the responsibilities and commitment required to take care of a child. When you and your spouse are ready to expand your family, you will both feel comfortable with the decision. Until that time comes, your family members, parents, and friends will just have to wait.

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