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07.25.2011 · Posted in Success Articles

Discover the Secrets of the TRUE Science of Abundant Life and finally a Complete,Simple,Practical,Easy to Understand,Step by Step System for Getting Rich, Being Healthy,and Becoming Successful.rnrnThe Science of Abundant Life,The Science of Getting Rich,The Science of well Being,The Science of Being Great and MORE,if there is a particular book you need to read it will be placed in your hands at the right time,in the Science of Being Great.rnrnDear Friend,if you have ever wished for more out of life,or if you feel like theres a secret to life you havent discovered yet,or even if you are just tired of struggling all the time,then please read this message very carefully,it might be the most important information you read all year,it may well be the most important information you will ever read.rnrnHi,my name is Tony Mase and i would like to start by sharing a story with you,does this sound familiar? Over thirty years ago,while still a teenager,i decided I wanted to be rich,healthy,and successful,although i had not a clue as to how to achieve those goals,i knew there must be a way,a system i could follow that would lead me directly to those goals.rnrnSo at the ripe old age of sixteen i started reading books,listening to audio programs,and attending seminars about wealth,health,and success,since then,i have read hundreds of books,listened to thousands of hours of audio programs,and attended dozens of seminars on how to get rich,how to be healthy,and how to become successful.rnrnSome of these books,audio programs,and seminars were helpful,providing bits and pieces of the puzzle,most proved to be absolutely worthless,none of them provided what I was really looking for,a complete,simple, practical,easy to understand,step by step system for getting rich,being healthy,and becoming successful.rnrnQuite frankly,after nearly thirty years of study,i had very little to show for it,i was working hard,very hard, yet struggling financially,i was grossly over weight and my health was starting to falter,and,i was anything but successful.rnrnStrangely enough,the more books i read,the more audio programs i listened to,and the more seminars i attended, the worse my life seemed to get.rnrnOthers still are poor because,while they have some notion of science,they have become so swamped and lost in the maze of theories,that they do not know which road to take,they try a mixture of many systems and fail in all.rnrnWallace D. WattlesrnIn The Science of Getting RichrnFrustrated and discouraged,i had just about given up my quest for such a system,then it happened,one day just a few short years ago,i found a little book,published in 1910, with a title that immediately caught my attention The Science of Getting Rich,by Wallace D. Wattles.rnrnAs I began to read it,that little voice inside of me said,this is it,this is what you have been looking for, Here is the system you have been seeking,well here is the financial part of it anyway,i thought to myself.rnrnThen,i came across a passage in The Science of Getting Rich,in which Wallace D. Wattles referred to,the true science of abundant life,as consisting of the science of getting rich,together with the allied sciences of being well,of being great.rnrnI almost couldnt believe it,Could it be? i asked myself, Could it really be he wrote books on these subjects as well? Sure enough,after some research,i discovered Wallace D. Wattles also wrote,The Science of Being Well, and,The Science of Being Great,although they werent easy to find,i managed to obtain original copies of both and began reading them.rnrnAfter I finished reading all three of these books,i knew for sure this was exactly what i had been searching for a complete,simple,practical,easy to understand,step by step system for getting rich,being healthy, nd becoming successful,as i began to study and apply what Wallace D. Wattles wrote in these three books,my life began to change dramatically!rnrnMy failing business starting turning around,my income increased,i was able to buy the first brand new car I had ever owned,i went from renting a four room apartment in a bad neighborhood to owning a seven room home in a nice neighborhood,my excess weight came off and my health improved dramatically.rnrnThings in general started going my way and they continue to do so as I continue to study and apply Wallace D. Wattles,teachings.these three books have had an absolutely profound affect on my life,as i know they will yours,and i take great pride and pleasure in sharing them with you,if you like to learn a lot more just visit out site Click Here Eugene WallacernThe President Of The Wallace Organizationrn

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