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The Thrill of Heli-Skiing

08.12.2011 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Skiing is to heli-skiing what walking through a city park is to the Appalachian trail. Heli-skiing is a different blend of animal altogether. It’s a great hobby for all genders, providing you are an experienced skier in relatively good physical condition. It’s not for everybody, but the thrill is unlike anything else. No other experience comes close to it. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the natural wonder of remote tundra up close and personal, and you’re guaranteed to have the best skiing of your life. Words cannot describe. The only way to truly experience this thrill is to live it.rnrnExperience the Unknown:rnHeli-skiing takes you up in a helicopter and drops you down on some of the remotest tundra imaginable. You’ll likely be skiing where no other human being has been before, let alone skied. You’ll encounter wild life and some of the purest snow imaginable. In these remote areas, the snow is untouched and pure, kept at the perfect temperatures for the best skiing known to man. That’s why heli-skiing is loved by thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. You’ll see beauty as no one has ever seen it before.rnrnOnly Experts Need Apply:rnHeli-skiing isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to be an experienced skiier. You’ll essentially be going down a wild mountain where bunny slopes don’t exist. You take the tundra as it presents itself. That means raw mountains where the skiing is anything nature calls for. You’ve got to be a fairly experienced skier to handle it. Otherwise, you might be a risk to the group. Master the experienced hills at the resort before you climb into the helicopter.rnrnTrain Ahead of Time:rnAs you’ll be going into the winter tundra, you have to traverse whatever the mountain throws at you, so you’ll want to be in pretty good shape before hand. It’s a good idea to practice running exercises in the months before a heli-skiing expedition. You’ll get more out of the experience and enjoy yourself better if you are fairly fit.rnrnSafety First:rnHeli-skiing is all about having fun, but remember, you’re in the middle of nowhere, so practice safety at all times. The nearest emergency room is a good helicopter trip away. You’re always one careless move away from starring in your own Reader’s Digest survival story with heli-skiing. Stick to the group, be sober, and practice diligence at all times. In the end, the group is only as safe as the individual team members. Safety makes sure everyone makes it home to the fireplace in one piece.

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