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The Secrets To Having More Prospects Than You Can Possibly See… Starting Tomorrow!

04.02.2009 · Posted in Insurance Articles

Are you concerned about all of the recent problems, bad news and bad publicity; AIG Struggling, Large Banks Failing, the Stock Market Falling, Higher Gas Prices, Increased Mortgage Foreclosures and the proposed ‘$700 Billion Bailout?’ The experts are predicting that many large and small businesses are going to fail, as banks are forced tighten up their lending criteria and deny loans. Will that lead to the high unemployment and the runaway inflation we experienced 40 years ago? Even with the passage of the ‘$700 Billion Bailout’, are we just postponing the inevitable? Who’s eventually going to end up footing the bill for the bailout? What will that do to the income tax rates?rn rnHow are all of these problems affecting your ability to find and attract prospects, set appointments and close sales?rn rnConsider, even prior to all of these recent financial problems, it’s been getting harder and harder every year for most agents to set appointments and close sales, as more and more families and retirees have been struggling with their finances. Consumer debt has been skyrocketing out of control for the past 10 years. We’ve had a negative savings rate for the past three years. How many families will have no other choice but to curtail spending and cut their expenses, if they want to keep their home, their car, food on the table and keep from going bankrupt? How many retirees have already lost large sums of money in the stock market and with mortgage backed securities? Do they now have considerably less income to live on? What drastic choices will they have to make? It’s a scary time financially, for almost everyone.rn rnUnfortunately, for the vast majority of agents who have been just selling products and struggling to make a decent living, these are going to be extremely difficult times. Most of them are not going to make it. However, for those few agents who have been focused on truly helping people, this can be one of the most financially and personally rewarding times of their career. Who else can all of these people turn to for real help?rn rnEvery one of you has a golden opportunity to prosper in these tough economic times, if you stop pushing products and instead start focusing on helping people to solve their financial problems. People are begging for and want real help with their finances. They want to know how they can survive this terrible mess. rn rnYou can have more prospects than you can possibly see… starting tomorrow, if you’ll take the time and spend a little money to learn how to truly help people with their finances! rn rnCan you help families to ‘find the money’ to reduce and/or eliminate their debts, ‘find the money’ to start saving for their future and ‘find the money’ to purchase the insurances they need to protect their family?rn rnCan you help retirees to stop losing their savings in the stock market, reduce their income taxes, and have a guaranteed income they can’t outlive?rn rnIf you can help people to see that they can solve their financial problems and they can have a brighter future, even with all of the problems in our economy, how valuable are your services to them? Won’t they want to see you?rn rnIt’s time for every agent to step up and start making a real difference in people lives! rnrnLew and Jeremy Nason rnMarketing and Sales Coachrn’The 9 Out Of 10 Guys’

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