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These will keep you warm and help save your heating bill

01.10.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
These will keep you warm and help save your heating billIt's that time of year again: The season of turning on the oven or cuddling your overheating laptop for warmth because it's just not worth it to turn the heat on in the whole house. The average electric bill in U.S. households is just over $111 per month. That likely spikes during winter months — not just because of heat, but because many of us are spending more time at home while it's cold out. On top of rent, food, and gas or a subway pass, a lot of folks are giving up a comfortable temperature at home. Instead of running the heat for hours on end to ensure coming home to a toasty house or slumber without shivering, we've pulled some cozy gadgets on sale that may suffice over cranking the thermostat: Shop personal heaters (including a Dyson), electric blankets, and heated mattress pads at Amazon and Walmart. Read more... More about Winter, Dyson, Heaters, Energy Efficient, and Mashable Shopping

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