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These genius translation devices will forever change the way you travel

11.12.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles
In the Golden Age of Marie Kondo, tiny homes, and minimalist interior design trends, people are focusing their intentions on swapping out things for experiences, making traveling abroad more popular than ever. The shift — and the rise of the sharing economy — has proven that today’s travelers are seeking out more authentic experiences as they’re opting for AirBnbs rather than luxury hotels and planning their travel itineraries so they can fully immerse themselves within the local culture.  Even with the best intentions in mind and all the pre-trip research you can fit in, traveling to a country where you don’t speak the native language presents a roadblock in making the most out of your visit. Experiencing cultures different from your own and meeting the locals is part of what makes international travel so special, but communicating in a country where you don’t speak the same language can prove rather difficult. Even if you didn’t find time to cram that Danish 101 lesson in before landing in Copenhagen or haven’t brushed up on your Spanish since high school, you can relax. There is officially a technological gadget to make everything better. Read more...More about Tech, Travel, Language, Translation Devices, and Mashable Shopping
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IMAGE: Amazon


Pocketalk language translator device
It can translate 74 different languages and comes with two years of built-in data, so you don’t need a plan or a hotspot to use it.
  • Languages: 74
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • How It Works: Built-in data
$299 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST VOICE ASSISTANT Langogo Pocket AI Translator Device Aside from providing communication across language barriers, it also helps travelers stay connected with information on places to stay, attractions to visit, updates on the weather, and more.
  • Languages: 105
  • How It Works: Mobile hotspot
  • Touchscreen: Yes
$299 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST BUDGET OPTION BUOTH Smart Voice translator device If your travels will keep you in range of a mobile hotspot or WiFi connection, the BUOTH Smart Voice translator is a solid choice. Coming in as the lowest price on our list, you'll get the most bang for your buck.
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • How It Works: WiFi, mobile hotspot
  • Languages : 70
$168.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST ON EFFICIENCY ZOTO Smart Language translator device With a response rate of 0.3 seconds for translation, communication can flow seamlessly — but it does need to be used on WiFi or a mobile hotspot.
  • Lanuages: 42
  • How It Works:: WiFi or mobile hotspot
  • Touchscreen: Yes
$175.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR NOISY ENVIRONMENTS MORTENTR Smart Voice translator device A high voice recognition ability and powerful noise-canceling speaker make this a go-to for crowded spaces and or other noisy locales.
  • Languages: 70
  • How It Works: WiFi or mobile hotspot
  • Touchscreen: Yes
$269.99 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST SCREEN RESOLUTION Sogou Salange Pro translator device The Sogou Salange Pro translator device comes with photo translation capabilities and a huge, gorgeous screen to boot.
  • Languages: 42
  • How It Works: WiFi or mobile hotspot
  • Touchscreen: Yes
$354 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST HANDS-FREE OPTION WT2 language translator earbuds The WT2 language translator earbuds are two Bluetooth, wireless earpieces that translate 36 different languages in real-time, while keeping your hands free.
  • Languages: 36
  • How It Works:: Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen: No
$299 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR CHINESE TRANSLATION Alcorrect JoneR translator device The Alcorrect JoneR translator device is a solid choice for anyone looking to primarily translate English to Chinese, as it works quickly even while offline.
  • Languages: 55
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • How It Works: WiFi, hotspot, or offline
$299 from Amazon
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