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There’s a big sale on these hard luggage suitcases that clip together

09.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles
TL;DR: Easy-to-transport Tach Tuff Connectable Hard Luggage Sets are on sale, starting at $274.99.
Imagine this: You’re heading out on a huge solo trip, have all your essentials packed in three or more bags, but you only have two hands. Sure, you can grab a trolley at the airport or train station, but that means going to and from, you’re left attempting to roll around all of your luggage with just 10 fingers — and trust us, it isn’t pretty.  SEE ALSO: We found the best smart luggage on the market so you don't have to Aside from solo traveling, there are plenty of other situations in which this exact scenario happens, including traveling with young children who can't yet tote their own suitcases, moving states or countries, or studying abroadSigh. If only there were a way to connect all your suitcases together so you'd only have to wheel around one... Read more... More about Travel, Luggage, Work Life, Mashable Shopping, and Culture

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