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The Many Ways Dandelion Leaf Helps You

08.22.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Have you heard the song that begins, “How many dandelions this year will grow”? The answer would have to be billions for fields and yards turn yellow in the spring with dandelion flowers. Most people just consider dandelion to be a nuisance. It most likely will be more welcome to you by the time you finished reading this article.rnrnIt is officially Taraxacum officinale but commonly called dandelion. The name comes from the French words ‘dent de lion,’ that mean ‘lion’s tooth.’ This is a reference to the jagged-edged leaves. Dandelion in your yard is identical to the herb with so many benefits. Let’s see what some of them are.rnrnAll the dandelion plant is useful. The roots can be eaten as vegetables or roasted and ground to make a type of root “coffee.” A cursory look through the internet reveals the flowers are used to make wine, in cooking (dandelion flower cookies?), a syrup, jam, and an oil to rub on sore joints. But the leaves have the most diverse list of uses.rnrnDandelion leaf is an excellent source of iron, sodium, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C, and especially calcium. Some feel that dandelion might have been one of the “bitter herbs” mentioned in the Bible. The leaves do add a bitter flavoring to salads and they can also be cooked like spinach. The best leaves are those that appear before the plant flowers.rnrnDandelion leaf is famous for its ability to purify the blood and body. It cleanses the liver and increases its output. It also increases the flow of bile into the intestines and the activity of the pancreas and spleen. This makes it effective for the treatment for hepatitis, yellow jaundice, and other liver related problems. Its purifying skill makes it a treatment for some types of anemia. The leaf also helps with weight loss because the acids in the blood build up with weight loss and dandelion destroys them. Dandelion also builds energy and endurance and helps with low blood pressure.rnrnDandelion is good for female organs. It enriches breast milk in nursing mothers and this, in turn, benefits both mother and child. It is good for women both before, during, and after pregnancy. Women suffering from premenstrual syndrome may find that the diuretic action of dandelion helps relieve some of the symptoms. In short, dandelion is safe and healthy for men, woman, children, and even animals.rnrnSome herbs are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Dandelion on the other hand is beneficial. It actually enriches breast milk in nursing mothers. It benefits a mother throughout pregnancy and after. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are often relieved because of dandelion’s diuretic action. Yes, dandelion is good for everyone, even your pet.rnrnTraditional Chinese Medicine uses dandelion to treat upper respiratory tract infections, including pneumonia and bronchitis. Native Americans used it to treat indigestion, kidney disease, and heartburn.rnrnNative Americans found dandelion helpful in treating kidney disease, indigestion, and heartburn. Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends dandelion for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia.rnrnDandelion leaves and flowers are best fresh. However, they can be stored in the refrigerator for five days wrapped in plastic, or frozen for longer periods. Be sure to wash the leaves with water before you use them. Another way to preserve them is to dry the flowers or leaves and store them in a cool, dark, dry place. Some add them to their bath to treat yeast infections. Others use the dried plant to make their own dandelion tea (steep one tablespoon of dried leaves in one cup hot water). You can also purchase it in tinctures, capsules, and powdered form.

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