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The Ins And Outs Of Buying And Using A Baby Stroller

10.27.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Do you have a new baby and you’re thinking of buying a stroller? A baby stroller is a great idea,and makes taking baby out a breeze.nnModern baby strollers are manufactured with convenience in mind. Especially for parents of multiple babies, convenience is very important. After all you don’t want to find that it takes you half an hour to get baby and his or her stroller in the car before you even leave home, then another half hour to get the stroller out of the car and set up, and baby strapped in and ready to go.nnYou need comfort for baby, and ease of use for the parents. And modern baby strollers provide both.nnAnd at a very reasonable price too. If you know where to shop you can find some extremely good strollers at reasonable prices, I have just been perusing some cheap triple strollers at around $200 brand new, and that’s comfort for baby and convenience for you at an extremely affordable price.nnAnd modern strollers have some great features. They have larger wheels than in the past, so you can use them on uneven ground, they have comfortable reclining seats so baby can sit up or recline and sleep, foot rests that can be adjusted as baby gets older. And you should get storage baskets for your shopping.nnBut when you’re buying a stroller you need to think of a few things. In the past babies have hurt themselves when in a stroller, particularly when trying to stand up, so you need a stroller that prevents baby from standing up.nnMany countries have stroller standards now that require certain features in a stroller before it can be sold. But here’s some good ideas for things you ought to find in a stroller before you buy.nnThere should be a good solid adjustable harness for each seat. Preferably a 5 point harness. And there should be solid brakes, capable of holding a fully laden stroller on a good hill, foot operated with one lever that puts on all brakes.nnYou should get front wheels that swivel if needed but can be locked if needed.nnAnd remember. NEVER leave baby unattended in the stroller, even if strapped in. Never park the stroller without engaging the brake and if you’re using stairs always take baby out of the stroller. If you’re stopping on a ***** as well as engaging the brake also park the stroller across the ***** as well. And never attach a dog lead to a stroller, the dog, and stroller, can take off unexpectedly.nnThere’s some tips on buying and using a stroller. If you’re looking for some hot prices on cheap strollers head over to my website.

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