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The Importance Of Detailed Management Of Your Adwords Campaign

09.11.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

It seems wherever you turn you will see ads. They proudly claim that people can make huge profits from using Adwords to sell their products and what is more they only have to work 2-3 hours a day! The ads proclaim that this is easy to do and what is more anyone, including you can do it.rnrnHowever do not be fooled, few people can conduct their business working only 2-3 hours a day. In reality there is so much to do that these sort of hours are just a dream, especially for new entrepreneurs. In reality a Google Adword campaign takes more careful micro-management than most promotions.rnrnBear in mind a few points. Your initial keywords will be found by using Google’s database of frequently searched keywords. Then you will compile a second list of keywords that you think are relevant to your business. Then you will compare the 2 lists.rnrnWhen you have all your keywords put together you will then start to bid on them. Now do not just write an email to Google offering them a certain amount of money in return for using specific keywords in your advertising campaign. This would be an unreal thing to do. Google has a far better system of bidding than this. Google positions ads and obviously the ads at the top will have the greatest exposure. These ads will be the moneymakers for Google, and you.rnrnAdwords works on a pay per click system. Every time a reader clicks your ad you will be charged a nominal fee. You will do this regardless of whether a sale is completed. The better the click through rate the more money Google makes. The highest bidder will attain the best position for an ad.rnrnAfter you have finished the bidding procedure and you ad is functioning, pay special attention to your keywords. Remember that keyword popularity can come and go. What is popular today may not be popular a month or so from now. Keywords that are unpopular will not bring in the traffic and sales.rnrnLet’s face it you will not make 100’s a day just spending little or no time on your Google campaign. However on the other hand you will become a master at micro-management and multi tasking. When you perfect these skills you stand a good chance of joining the elite few who have made their businesses boom with this type of promotion.rnrnSo take advantage of all the great tutorials and tools that Google Adwords provides and you will soon become an expert in micromanagement. Once you do this you will be able to spend less time on your campaigns and more time on making a success of your business.

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