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The Differences Between Types of Hair Coloring Products

02.04.2012 · Posted in Accounting Articles

Additional products such as henna, tea, coffee and commercial temporary rinses are all available as well. Choosing colors carefully as well as regular conditioning will help ensure the best success when coloring hair. If using permanent colors, especially when going from dark hair to blonde going to a salon is advisable to help prevent damage to the hair.rnrnrnConsider skin tone and coloring prior to changing hair color for the best results. Results vary to some degree based on the original color of the hair and the type of hair color chosen. It is often recommended to not go more than two shades darker or lighter for the most natural look. However many people go much more drastic and are very pleased with the resulting dramatic look they achieve.rnrnPermanent hair colors use a formula containing varying strengths of ammonia and peroxide to remove color from hair and are formulated to then replace it with new color in the desired shade. This may be accomplished in one or two separate step formulas, although most home formulas are one step. Permanent hair color is the harshest and hardest on the hair when not performed correctly. Regular touch ups will be required to maintain the roots and overall look, however for a drastic change it is the best choice.rnrnrnSemi permanent hair color, including semi permanent vegetable dye is used to darken hair. Due to the formulation semi permanent dyes are not used to lighten hair, simply to add color and shine. Since it will wash out over time, within approximately twelve shampoos, semi permanent hair color will not create noticeable roots.rnrnrnHenna has been used to color hair for centuries, although it’s popularity when used alone has declined as newer easier products have been produced, but they may be formulated with it. Henna is an all natural dye created from plants and is available in a variety of colors. Experiment on strand of hair prior to using it all over if you are not familiar with henna’s properties as the color is permanent.rnCommercial rinses are available that may be used after shampooing to touch up roots as well as to give overall color and depth to hair. They come in a wide variety of colors and may give a frosted effect for instance or at the other extreme the blue hair that was popular in the past. In between there are many choices, dark blonde, brown, black and every conceivable shade in between. These will generally wash out the next time hair is shampooed although with very light hair the pigment may last slightly longer. Two natural products that may be used to slightly darken hair are strong coffee and tea which may be used after the conditioner and allowed to dry.rnrnrnTemporarily adding hair extensions will give some of the same results without changing the natural hair color. They may be used to lighten or darken the overall hair color, or in colors such as purple or red. With a wide variety of colors and attachment methods available, hair extensions are applied for both everyday use and for special occasions. Wigs in the desired hair color are another method to determine if a hair color is right for you prior to coloring.rnrnrnChoosing the best hair color method and color may take a few trial and error attempts.

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