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The Difference Between Management And Leadership

03.15.2012 · Posted in Management Articles

The Manager and LeaderrnrnThe difference between management and leadership has often been discussed. Though the two have distinct differences, each of them go together to make a cohesive whole that makes a person more effective both as a manager and as a leader. However, a person can be a leader or a manager depending on the way they motivate people, and the methods and techniques that they use in both motivating and leading their people tends to be the main difference.rnrnSubordinates vs. FollowersrnWhen it comes to their people, managers would have subordinates and leaders would have followers. But there are some managers who have honorary titles given due to their seniority rather than a need for them to manage a team. rnLeaders would have followers even when they are managers in an organization. They get followers when they choose to relinquish the often authoritarian control that managers have over subordinates and instead choose to lead and get voluntary support from their followers.rnSubordinates are often given little to no choice when it comes to following instructions from their managers, on the other hand, followers get to follow their leaders voluntarily.rnrnTransactional vs. TransformationalrnDue to the position of authority that is given to a manager, their subordinates often do what the manager says. This doesn

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