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The Diaper Warriors Strike Back

08.14.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Every parent can attest to the fear of the 2 a.m. Scream. Will you creep into your kid’s room only to find the crib, the walls, the floor and the ceiling covered in ****? Did the diaper hold back your kid’s cannon of feces, or did it surrender? nnThe ***** War Zone – Bring Your **** Shields! nnMy first experience with the **** explosion occurred vicariously through my hubby. He was on night duty when my boy was two weeks old. He crept downstairs as my son was crying and entered the room. Not needing to totally wake our son and to maintain the beginnings of my boy’s sleep schedule, my husband only turned on a low light. He lifted my child onto the changing table and removed his diaper. Quickly grabbing a new diaper, my husband began to lift my son’s legs to put on the new diaper. He quickly wiped my child seeing that my son could have already pooped a little. Then, before he realized what was going on, my son coated my partner in **** all the way up to my husband’s’s forearm. If my hubby had waited a couple of minutes, the diaper may have saved him from a really messy and revolting event. nnArmaments We attempted varied kinds of diapers through my son’s youth and revealed that certain brands fit him more than others. beyond fit, we searched for the ****-explosion stopping diaper. We found our best luck with Huggies Supreme Diapers. It was actually the only diaper that had explosion-stopping elastic strong enough to keep us clean. Huggies Supreme Diapers also have a significant large serious amount of soaking ability with their LeakLock system. nnEngagement – Putting The Diapers To The Test nnAfter choosing Huggies Supreme Diapers for our weapon of choice, we waited for our boy to launch his next **** campaign. My son was six months old when he made a decision to check our diaper choice. He had tried prune juice for the first time. Inside 4 hours I could smell something acrid coming from his diaper. I knew it was time to see if we had selected cleverly. After getting my boy settled on the changing table, I opened his diaper. I had been fully expecting to see feces within his clothes. I was pleasantly stunned to find the mess well contained to the diaper. The majority of it had soaked into the LeakLock area and with a few wipes my child was as good as ever. nnIs the Diaper War Over? nnWhile no diaper is 100% warranted, I am an advocate of Huggies Supreme Diapers. Since my child’s youth, we’ve faced many an explosion. Some have been as well contained as the 1st, but some have been much much worse. Now that we have moved to ***** training, I’m aware that I will continue to trust the Huggies brand with their Pull Ups coaching Pants because they use the same technology as the Huggies Supreme Diapers. If you are wrestling your way through the diaper wars, try as many kinds of diapers as you can. You may at last find one that works for your youngster ; and like me with Huggies Supreme Diapers, you will not fear the 2 a.m. Scream as much.

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