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The Buyers Guide To Smart Phones

08.07.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

The newest and greatest generation of the phone is the smart phone. These mobile application devices are as big of an advancement in technology and personal life as the mobile phone or cell phone was to the landlines. The big question most people are starting to wonder is, can I afford such a smart phone and do I really need one?nnWhat is a smart phone? A smart phone is a wireless cellphone that has the ability to perform a multitude of tasks normally not done by regular cellphones. These include e-mail, web browsing, data applications such as documents and excel. Also some of the newer smart phones have really broadened the gap, allowing capabilities such as touchscreen, 3G and large storage for mp3s and video files.nnPros: The smart phone can be a fully functional mp3 player, just like an ipod or any other mp3 player on the market. The only difference is the battery life will not be as good because you are using it for other things, and typically the storage ranges from 4 to 16 GB however some phones are known to have as high as 32GB of storage.nnAlso the touchscreen and motion sensing applications that can be run on these smart phones can be unique and intuitive allowing for an ease of use that easily surpasses any previous generation of phone on the market.nnCons: Since these smart phones have large brightly lit screens they often have horrible battery lives. My smart phone lasts about a day but it is not such a bad thing as I can always charge it on my way to work or charge it while I sleep. My only concern is that if I forget once I don’t have a phone for an entire day!nnThe biggest con of owning a smart phone is the sometimes outrageous monthly fee. You can end up spending over 100 dollars a month which ends up being 1200 dollars a year on your phone service! This is on top of the 200-400 dollar price range that they typically require when you first buy the phone as well.nnWith all of these things considered you first need to figure out why you want to buy this smart phone or not. Is it mainly used for entertainment purposes, or do you plan to run your business from it, or do you think it’s just a cool accessory and don’t really plan on using some of the more unique features. If you are not too serious about using this for business or for helping with important activities in your life then you should seriously consider the cost, because a 1200 dollar yearly bill is something to be considered. However if you have the extra money, it will entertain you endlessly and is a conversation topic.nnLooking over the pros and cons, to summarize you should consider factors of how long you plan to use it between charges, do you have the extra money, how much do you want it to consume your personal life, do you really need the extra gadgetry, and have you done the adequate research to find the right smart phone for you.

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