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The Best Ways To Use Your Audio Main Speakers and Amplifiers For Great Band Sound!

04.08.2009 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

Sooner or later it was bound to happen. And, it is a good thing. Your band finally gets the chance to play for a real live audience, and get paid to perform. But, that leads to the problem of equipment. Up until now you have been able to get by with one or two speakers, and maybe an amplifier. Now, you are going to have to have enough audio equipment and speakers for the band, and that will mean purchasing or renting it, and learning how it works, so you can perform.nnDepending of course on the size of your band, you will need some sort of amplifier and speakers. If you have a vocalist, at a minimum you will need an audio system so that he or she can be heard. If your budget is not too restricted, you may want a system that includes main speakers and a main amplifier and mixer that can handle your entire band input.nnThere are two possibilities to look at for a main amplifier unit. One is a combination power amplifier and multi-channel mixer. If you can afford it, you should really get a single unit that also has an equalizer built in. This can help you adjust your band sound in less than ideal acoustical conditions. All these single units offer both main speakers left and right outputs, in addition to the stage monitor output feed.nnAudio equipment like this all-in-one unit can be a great solution for a band just starting out, or for a small group. Since these size band do not usually have a separate person to take care of the sound at the performance, a single unit as the recommended choice.nnUsing a component system, comprised of main speakers, monitor speaker, a mixer, and a power amplifier is the preferred method for utilizing audio equipment. Using a variety of speakers and amplifiers as separate components, you can achieve greater choices and range of sound options. Obviously, the setup time for a performance is increased with more equipment. And, your upfront equipment costs are steeper than a more sparse approach. But, your band will be able to accommodate more instruments and singers later at no additional cost.nnOne of the decisions you must make is how many speakers to use for your performances. Having a left main speaker and a right main speaker, and a stage monitor speaker is the minimum ideal. You may be able to use less if you play a very small venuennAs far as monitor speakers go, if your band members perform in close proximity, you might only need one monitor. However, most bands set up using most of the stage area, so multiple monitors will be needed. This is not an equipment item to take lightly, since band members need to be able to hear the whole group to perform best. If you need to save money, do so somewhere else. Monitor speakers are very important.nnMain speakers are used to balance your band sound in the room, so place them to enhance the sound. While the left and right speaker terminology is used, this is not a reference to stereophonic band sound. It is merely a reference to stage placement. Each speaker produces the same sounds as all other main speakers.nnOne other essential piece of audio gear is a snake. This is one large audio cable that is actually 8 or more individual audio cables with a connection box at one end. This is the simplest and neatest way to run all those input lines from the stage to your amplifier or mixer. Depending on the room and your setup, you may want a consolidated output cable run as well. nnThere are many different strategies for your band microphones. For sure, each vocalist will need an individual microphone. Shared mics can be used for show, but the actual sound reproduction of each vocalist is greatly diminished. And with individual mics, each can be adjusted for the vocal qualities of the singer.nnYou will probably need a microphone for any acoustic instruments the band uses to balance the amplified sound of electric instruments. To minimize feedback, try to use the fewest mics possible. Most acoustic instruments can be fitted with a pickup to make life easier for the sound guy. nnBalancing on-stage amplifier sound with main speaker, or PA sound, is always an issue. You may be able to accomplish a good balance by running a separate input from the on-stage amp to your main system. Then, the individual sound, and the group sound can be adjusted to blend through the main speaker system. Your ideal here is to achieve a superb band sound, balanced with clearly distinguishable individual music performances by band members.

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