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The Best Kind Of Waffle Makers

06.29.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy the aroma and taste of a freshly made waffle. It is the perfect weekend morning treat. They are light, fluffy, and utterly delicious. If you do own one of the fabulous waffle makers on the market then you know what I mean, and if you don’t then you may want to get one. nnWe can all remember those old fashioned waffles our mothers made with such care. It took her hours, but it was well worth the wait. Today’s waffle makers are far from those tools our mothers once used. They come full of functions with a wide variety of shapes and styles. The only problem you will have is figuring out which one is right for your family.nnSorting by type nnWaffle makers all have the same basic function which is to make hot fresh waffles with minimal effort from you. They do differ in some ways such as the number, type, and size of waffles that they produce. You will be better able to choose the right one for your family if you understand what each kind entails.nnBelgian waffle makers: These waffle makers are designed to with deeper wells in order to produce a thicker Belgian type waffle. These makers generally produce 4 square waffles at one time. The pockets are non-stick and easy to fill. This is a particularly popular maker for true waffle lovers. nnBelgian flip waffle maker: You will feel just like a professional with this waffle maker. It offers deeper wells than the regular Belgian waffle maker and sits on a stand that allows you to turn the waffle maker as it cooks. This process will make the waffles extra fluffy. This too makes 4 square waffles.nnQuick standard maker: This is very similar to the one your mom made waffles on when you were young. It is highly efficient and will produce fine waffles in batches of four. nnPizzelles: These luscious pizzelle cookie makers are what a lot of bakers use to make those cream filled cookie cones, although they are delicious enough to be eaten alone. nnStove top waffles: If you really don’t want another appliance cluttering up your counters then you may want to opt for a stove top version. It is just like the standard maker, but its heat comes from atop a stove burner. nnWaffle cones in minutes: Within a minimal amount of time you can make fresh waffle cones just like the ones you get from your local ice cream shop. These cones are great when they are filled with your favorite ice cream.nnNo matter which one of these high quality waffle makers you choose it will produce great tasting waffles in a short time. It is a winning situation.

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