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The All Star Weekend Has Come and Gone

10.25.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

The All-Star Weekend has come and gone, meaning NHL teams have ramped up their play for the important stretch drive. The final 30 or so games that so-often determine not only who will battle in the first round, but also who will make the post-season “show” at all. And as much I’ve enjoyed watching Chris Chelios’ 45th season (it’s actually his 25th. It just seems like his 45th) and his efforts to hack opponents black and blue, or Sean Avery’s self-destruction, or the usual coaching carousel, or Crosby and Ovechkin’s highlight reel plays, it’s my “recreational” (insert ‘drop-in’, or ‘shinny’, or ‘old-timers’ as applicable) hockey season that has my toes a-tingling right now. Really, is there a sweeter smell in the world than cracking open that hockey bag each week? Sure, Chanel No. 5 is nice, but we’re talking well-seasoned hockey gloves here people – no contest!nnWhile millions of people of people nation-wide just don’t get what we’re talking about, or don’t get it yet, hundreds of thousands of hockey fanatics like me (like you?) spend the tail end of each summer counting the weeks and days until their hockey leagues or weekly groups again hit the ice. We are a brotherhood, a fraternity, proud to have paid our dues in the heavy slot, the corners, the “trolley tracks” and the penalty box.nnAfter summers of fattening up on golf and beer, we winter athletes head the yearly call of the ice and head to rinks from coast to coast to begin stretching out those lungs, and ridding ourselves of the dreaded “jell-o” legs . I still vividly remember my first game this year; I wheezed and gasped for air so loudly, the players in the adjoining arena came over to look thinking Sergei Makarov was back in Canada. But really, isn’t that horrible deep-in-your-chest feeling what the start of the season is all about? Knowing that that’s as bad as it is going to get. That you are only going to skate faster, deke better, and pass more crisply as each game goes by. Of course, by the end of the season, you’re playing at the level you should have been at all year, only to find that it’s all done and you’re zipping up the gear all safe and sound until Fall arrives again. Ahhh, the life of a serious athlete… Nothing better.nnWe are so glad you have chosen to visit us here at FarParker, your complete hockey source and resource. And, thank-you also for donating a few minutes of your life to give my column a whirl. In fact, you may at this very moment be thinking “what can I, the reader, expect to see in this column in the weeks and months ahead?” Well, let me tell you. I will be tackling all-things hockey, providing my own unique insight and tons of skewed opinions on such topics as the NHL’s possible expansion to Europe, fighting in hockey, the David Frost trial, unfair travel schedules for the NHL’s western teams, Don Cherry – asset or ass___le?, hockey’s golden days of the early 80’s, as well as equipment reviews and comparisons, prospects to watch, and much more…nnWanna put your two cents in? Hit me up via email at [email protected] to share your thoughts on what you’ve read, dispute my irrefutable opinions, or just to let me know what you’d like to see in future columns. Who knows, if you’ve got moxie, you may just see your comments or questions addressed in future columns.nnStrap yourselves in hockey fans; it’s going to be a great year!

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