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The most awe-inspiring photos from South America’s total solar eclipse

07.03.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
On Tuesday, people in parts of Chile and Argentina caught a fleeting glimpse of a total solar eclipse, an event that occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun and casts a shadow on Earth.  Some regions in South America saw a partial solar eclipse, including other areas in Chile and Argentina, as well as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.  This is the first total solar eclipse since 2017, when the "Great American Eclipse" plunged parts of the United States into darkness. The next one won't take place until December 2020.  Some lucky South Americans got to experience the eclipse firsthand, but for the rest of the world, plenty of photos have surfaced that show the total and partial eclipse. Here are the most awe-inspiring ones. Read more... More about Space, Sun, Solar Eclipse, Science, and Space

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