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The first thing you should know about investing in the stock market? Take this class.

09.17.2019 · Posted in Investing Articles, Technology Articles
Believe it or not, there's more to finance than cutting back from four avocado toasts a week to three. Finance is about creating wealth, which is something everyone wants to do, right?  The Complete Wall Street and Forex Trading Master Class Bundle features 12 courses covering a variety of finance topics. Led by Wealthy Education, an online training organization dedicated to helping students achieve their financial goals, this bundle will help you learn a little something about how to invest your money for just $35. Here's what you'll learn:


"Forex" refers to the Foreign Exchange Market: A global decentralized market for trading currencies. Much like buying and selling Pokémon cards, there is both an art and science to this practice. The bundle will show you how to get set up on the market and how to buy and sell using strategies employed by professional traders. You'll even learn how to do the technical analysis so you can analyze chart patterns that will keep you ahead of the market so you don't lose it all on one gamble. Read more... More about Investing, Stock Market, Online Learning, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Onlinelearning

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