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The dancing in ‘Aladdin’ is an excruciating missed opportunity

05.27.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Disney's highly anticipated Aladdin is here, but we know better than to expect anything groundbreaking from another needless live-action adaptation. While remake has pleasantly surprised most critics with colorful costumes and charismatic leads, Aladdin's signature songs are its biggest disappointment. From Mashable's own Angie Han: "Guy Ritchie and his team seem to have no idea how to stage and shoot a musical number," which is precisely the opposite of what you want to hear about the director of a movie musical (much less one who was married to Madonna). So, where and how did Aladdin botch its opportunities for movie musical greatness? Let us count the ways. Read more... More about Dance, Aladdin, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

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