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The Best Honeycomb Blinds for Your Windows

If you are looking for blinds and shutters in Sydney that provide the best insulation for your home, and what will help you lower your energy consumption, then Honeycomb Blinds are the best option to go for. Honeycomb Blinds, also known as Cellular Blinds, consist of continuous sheets of fabric that are bonded together, and create honeycomb like cells when folded or rolled up along the pleats. These cells, or air pockets, trap air in them, creating a barrier of insulation between the window and the room.

Although Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney can be on the expensive side, they are well worth the money you spend on them, because you will get huge savings in terms of energy bills. The blinds also absorb sound, and hence are ideal for creating a sound proof space.

There are many different types of Honeycomb Blinds, which are suitable for all requirements and budgets.

  • Cells Size – Honeycomb Blinds come in single and double cell types, which provide different levels of insulation. For the best level of insulation and noise absorption the best option is to go for the double cell blind, which will create a double barrier between the window and the room.
  • Fabric Type – The fabric that you select for your Honeycomb Blinds will depend on the amount of light you want coming into the room. You can use sheer, light filter or block out fabrics for these type of blinds, where the sheer fabric brings in more natural light, and the block out fabric is ideal if you want to totally block the light.
  • Blind design – Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney come in a variety of designs and operations, from manual to motorised, as well as vertical, top-down, bottom-up etc. These options will depend on your specific requirement and preference.

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