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The best gifts for all you holiday-movie-obsessed filthy animals

11.26.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles
Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.  It's that time of year again. You're permitted to huddle up on the couch — roast beast from Whoville in one hand, a moose-shaped mug of eggnog in the other — and watch a whole bunch of movies you saw at this exact time last year. From The Santa Clause to Home Alone and The Grinch to Jingle All the Way, these movies are the ones you know back to front. You probably routinely quote them out loud, to the detriment of your relationships. 

And if it's not you annually weeping through Love Actually and The Holiday, or demanding someone listen to your pitch on Die Hard as the ultimate holiday movie, that person is definitely someone you know. Read more... More about Christmas, Holidays, Home Alone, Christmas Movies, and Gift Guide 2018

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