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Thank Love For This Moment In Its Perfection

12.01.2008 · Posted in Spirituality Articles

You cannot find love; you can only know love. When you know love, love will find you. When you know yourself as love you are as a magnet and you will attract love from others. rnrnThe title of this article comes from one of the four facets taught by Isha. Isha teaches that unconditional love is all there is. We come from and are unconditional love as an aspect of the natural spirit. If you wish to know more about the teachings of Isha; you may want to read the book by Isha, Why Walk When You Can Fly. ISBN: 978-1-57731-637-4rnrnPeople seek the love they do not have and this is opposite of how the system works. If you are looking for something you are actually making a statement about your own experience. You are saying I do not have love; I want love, and therefore I will try to find it. Of course when you try to find anything, it will elude you because you return the experience of trying. Even if you were to try to trick yourself and say “I will find love” you will still return the experience of tricking yourself.rnrnThe shortest and easiest way to know it is to be in the moment of love. Know yourself as love, as one who gives it, and in that moment you will feel it. rnrnI am referring to unconditional love, not physical human love. Unconditional love is not the warm and fuzzy love you have for your parents, puppy or lover; it is real love. Unconditional love is another word for freedom and it is emotionless. It does not judge or own; it is complete acceptance of all that is. It is the awareness that all others are aspects of your own unconditional love which allows freedom of thought, word, and deed. rnrnUnconditional loves allows for the creations and destruction of people and worlds within the awareness that those involved have chosen to experience these things through free will at some level of their consciousness. Unconditional love is the awareness of the perfection of all things. Nothing is imperfect or inappropriate unless you think it so. And then it is your own experience of imperfection that you have created in the moment. To experience or know imperfection you must know that you are perfect and want to experience imperfection at your will. It is the desire to experience these things which comes first, and then the event or experience is manifested. rnrnPhysical, fuzzy love is transient, illusionary and fickle by its very nature. It leaves as quickly or even quicker than it comes. Whereas unconditional love is the very nature of spirit, it’s only the awareness of its presence which eludes humanity in general. Because you cannot feel unconditional love, you tend to ignore it or assume its non-existence as apposed to fuzzy physical love which is felt as an emotion.rnrnWith the awareness of unconditional love comes the opportunity to experience life in all its aspects as natural, joyful, and desirable. With this wakefulness you allow yourself to accept the responsibility and power for creating these experiences. Through the eyes of the silent observer of which you are, you can see the events from a higher perspective and purpose. You may watch yourself experiencing all these things without judgment or emotion of any kind. rnrnThis kind of love is not easily experienced or accepted by the conscious mind because the ego judges and does not simply accept things it cannot sense with its five senses. Because the ego fears for its own existence it tries to protect itself from itself. Because the ego does not know that it cannot ever be destroyed it fears everything. Because the ego does not know that it is the creator of all things it experiences; it always sees itself as a victim. Unconditional love can see the greater picture. It knows that the physical life is an illusion, and one that was chosen from freedom. It also knows that life can never be destroyed and that life can return endlessly to any experience past, present or future.rnrnSimplicity is very difficult for the ego to understand because it is constantly trying to recreate itself. It moves away from what it already knows of itself to be, so that it can look back, and say that it is this or that. Simplicity would show the ego that it is the same as all others; that it is one with all others and that it doesn’t really exist, and this is its greatest fear. Fear is the opposite of love, yet it is the same. It simply exists at the opposite end of the stick as “less love.” The fear itself is also an illusion. It is a desired experience created by unconditional love so that it may know itself as love, as complete, absolute and an end unto itself.rnrnThe term unconditional love is widely used by New Age to acknowledge absolute awareness of all things. The old age or old world would use terms like *** or gods to acknowledge the life force within all things. The one major difference between the ages is that the old world attaches emotion to ***. It assumes that *** is a warm fuzzy feeling anthropomorphic being residing somewhere in Heaven and watching over us. New Age knows itself as that life force, and that everything and nothing is the life force itself. New Age does not look for what it already knows. New Age understands the differences between what is and what is imagined and that they are the same in the bigger picture.rnrnAt this time many new age authors and teachers still use old terminology which is confusing to those who are ready to move on. But this is a transitory period where new meets old. The next step in the evolution for these authors and guides is to drop the word *** and reference to it and replace it with a symbol that represents enlightenment and realization of self. Words are the greatest separator of man from man, man from women, and man from his creator or his own power. In the physical world, every time we speak we create separation. When you say ***, creator, unconditional love or anything else; you automatically create something outside of yourself that you can never access. When you start using the world “I” you become aware of the power that you are.rnrnFuzzy love and unconditional love are aspects of each other. Physical love is felt altruistically through the physical aspects of unconditional love, which is your ego, and the body. One is emotional and the other is emotionless. It is unconditional love that allows one to leave the nest even at the risk of it falling and being killed. It is fuzzy love that feels the lost when it happens or does not. It is the ego that wants to accept unconditional love, and then questions it when something happens that is outside of its control or understanding.rnrnIn the triune of Mind, Body, and Spirit it could also be referred to as Unconditional Love, Ego, and Fuzzy love. Unconditional love would allow Ego to experience Fuzzy love (emotion) anyway that it chooses.rnrnUnconditional love is what you truly are by nature. Warm, fuzzy love is what you are experiencing as a human being. One is possessive the other is not. One you can feel, and the other you must accept!

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