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Tesla Semi Spotted In Arkansas: Musk Comments 1,000-Mile Extension Cord Required

08.27.2018 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

The Tesla Semi showed its face at trucking giant J.B. Hunt

In recent weeks, Tesla Semi prototype sightings have become even more frequent. We’ve seen these vehicles all across California, but also at locations thousands of miles away from its Fremont, California home. Last week, a Semi prototype was caught while traveling across the Southwest. Even though the sheer distance traveled would be newsworthy all on its own, the location the truck visited prompts it even more. The Semi was caught at the headquarters of Tesla Semi customer, trucking giant J.B. Hunt. J.B Hunt is one of the largest freight movers in the continental United States. The company currently employs over 124,000 people and operates more than 12,000 trucks. There are over 100,000 trailers and containers as part of the company’s fleet, allowing them to handle almost any potential shipping task. Thus, bringing one of the first Tesla Semi prototypes to J.B. Hunt’s headquarters in Arkansas is potentially a huge deal for the carmaker. Images of Tesla Semi’s appearance at J.B Hunt’s HQ are shown below. (Instagram: davisbriank and blackfocal) Furthermore, Reddit user freakonomics3415 got a closer look: The events revolving around the Tesla Semi in the recent few weeks make us believe the electric truck is its final stages of development and testing. Furthermore, the vehicle visiting the HQ of one of their potentially biggest customers could mean some new big orders are going to flow in. When talking about the event, Musk made a snickering comment about the Tesla Semi’s “required” 1,000-mile extension cord on Twitter. With a market reveal coming up next year, it still remains to be seen how many Semis will be ordered. Additionally, the diesel truck competition doesn’t believe that Tesla can bring on the needed electric truck economics as early as next year. But, we’ve learned from the past product reveals that Elon Musk loves to prove people wrong. So, expect him to do so again this time around. Source: Electrek

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