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Techniques on How to Deal With Hyperactive Children

10.05.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

Children, who are hyperactive, are most of the time impatient and get distracted very easily. They are likely difficult to pay attention to task, like to run around and do not sit in one place. These hyperactive children are sometimes hard to control and stop from doing things that may lead to some troubles.nnHyperactive children is caused by ADHD or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. The following are the tips on how to deal with hyperactive children:nnGreen leafy vegetables and fruits are great food for children especially those with ADHD. This will help them become more alert and attentive. According to various researches, excessive taking of sweet and salty foods and drinks can boost children hyperactivity.nnIt is very essential to keep in mind that an ingredient red dye #40 can also affect childrens hyperactivity. Examples of the products that may contain red dye #40 are powdered drink mixes, cereals, crackers, and candies. See to it that you properly checked the label before purchasing these kinds of foods for the hyperactive children. These are not advisable especially for those with ADHD.nn3. Letting the children choose the rewards they can get after doing a certain task is a very effective method in dealing with hyperactive children. This technique will effectively motivate them to do the tasks assigned to them.nn4. Children always need support and so much more for hyperactive children. Support them in most of they do as long as it will not cause trouble to others. Show them that you love and care for them as this will help improve their behavior. This is also another effective way of dealing with hyperactive children.nn5. As much as possible try to be calm at all times especially when the children starts to cry and scream. Do not say things that you think can frighten them or it may worsen the situation. Instead, talk to them in a heartening way and ask them to be calm so that you can help them solve their problems. Make sure not to give long explanation as children that are hyper only hear few words. Just tell exactly what you want to impart and remember to get to the point. Be strong but remain calm in order to get the desired attitude you want them to give you.nnIt is very important to remember to never ever to compare children to others. This is not a good solution to make the children achieve something better, as this will only embarrass them. Let the children do what they want and reach their potential.nn7. It is also necessary to make rules and regulations that can be easily understood. Create rules that are clear and can be easily followed. If these rules are not followed, make some penalties in order for these children to effectively follow the rules. Minor penalties such as rewards that cannot be receive if they disobey. See to it that these rules are properly explained to them.nn8. Become a role model to these children will surely make a positive outcome. You can do some good things and show them what achievements you got from these so that they will be inspired to do the things you also do.nnIf in case the above suggestions are not yet sufficient or effective in dealing with hyperactive children, there are some natural remedies that are safe and effective in treating hyperactivity amongst children. Homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies are examples of these natural remedies that are safe and effective.

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