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That SF Pride ban on Google and YouTube isn’t legally binding, legal team says

01.24.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

The San Francisco Pride (SF Pride) legal team has determined that a vote last week to remove Google and YouTube as sponsors and participants in future SF Pride celebrations was not legally binding, per an emailed statement from the organization's lea... ...

YouTube moderators must sign agreement acknowledging they might get PTSD

Check your mental health at the door: YouTube moderators are forced to sign an agreement acknowledging the risk of PTSD if they want the job. The Verge's Casey Newton:

“I understand the content I will be reviewing may be disturbing,” reads the document, which is titled “Acknowledgement” and was distributed to employees using DocuSign. “It ...

Youtube’s Content ID has become the tool of choice for grifty copyfraudsters who steal from artists

Last year's EU Copyright Directive will require online services to install upload filters similar to Youtube's Content ID system, a $100m, voluntary tool that allows rightsholders to claim video and audio and either censor or earn money from any user videos that matches their claims.

At the time, opponents of this "filternet" proposal pointed out ...