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These wildlife photography award finalists are breathtaking to behold

12.04.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

The winners of this year's Wildlife Photography Awards have already been decided, but now it's time for the public to make their choice. On Wednesday, the 25 image-strong shortlist for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice Award... ...

Massachusetts man smuggled salamanders and turtles into U.S., authorities say

A man from Worcester, Massachusetts was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday with allegedly smuggling salamanders and turtles into the United States.

Court documents say that Nathan Boss, 27, was sending and receiving packages containing live reptiles for about two years, ”none of which were declared as live animals and some of which were ...

Flying T-Rex fossils found in Australia, because of course they were

Scientists in Queensland, Australia have pieced together the most complete pterosaur fossil collection yet—a big-headed reptile  with a 12-foot wingspan they've named Ferrodraco lentoni, or "Butch's Iron Dragon."

"It’s kind of scary when you think their heads are disproportionately large, it would have had a skull maybe 60cm," Adele Pentland from Swinburne University, the lead ...

Deer crashes into hair salon window

Oh, deer.

In Long Island, New York, a deer crashed through the window of a hair salon and shocked the humans inside.

ABC7NY reports it all went down at ' Hair Salon' at 344 Portion Road in Lake Ronkonkoma around 12:30pm on Saturday.

The deer struck a woman sitting on a couch in the front of the store. ...

Injured coyote pup gets a sweet pep talk from rescuer

The internet-famous Chicago native “Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't” talks to an injured coyote he encountered and rescued. The little guy just got a flea bath, and he was on his way to a wildlife rehab facility.

If you're not familiar with this guy's YouTube channel, it's amazing.

“A Low-Brow, Crass Approach to Plant Ecology ...

Blue-eyed deer was rescued, is in a loving and caring refuge now

The amazing Owl's Nest Sanctuary For Wildlife shared images of this incredibly beautiful blue-eyed baby deer on their Facebook page.

Look at them BABY BLUES!!! 👀 We are *fawning* over this stunning whitetail deer baby! 😍 Sunny came to us a while back for rehab after being abandoned by his mom and although some fawns ...

Seven-foot crocodile swimming in Ohio creek near kids’ church group

Yesterday, a church group of little kids were playing at a creek in Preble County, Ohio when an adult spotted a big shadowy shape moving under the water. It turned out to be a seven-foot saltwater crocodile, a species not native to Ohio. A wildlife office was called to the scene and, sadly, shot the ...