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Florida man stored jars of preserved human tongues in his crawlspace

In Gainseville, Florida, a routine crawlspace inspection turned up jars of preserved human tongues that date back to the 1960s. Police are currently investigating whether the tongues were related to research conducted by the home's previous owner, Ronald A. Baughman, a University of Florida professor emeritus whose work focused on oral medicine and surgery. (

Brave try at world sparkler record fails on technicality in Wyoming

In Wyoming, an attempt to break the world record for the most sparklers lit at one time failed on a technicality. ******.

Officials from Guinness World Records ruled that each participant was required to light his or her own sparkler during the attempt in Gillette, The Gillette News Record reports, and that technicality spoiled ...

Hawaii police seek fruit thieves who stole $1K worth of durian and other exotics

Police on the Big Island of Hawaii are looking for fruit bandits who made off with about $1,000 in exotic fruit, including 18 or so durian -- the spiky fruit with a mega stinky smell and a taste some people crave.

The smell of durian fruit's pale yellow flesh has been compared to fungal feet, ...

Meet the “werewolf mouse” who hunts scorpions and deadly centipedes and howls at the moon

Have you ever heard of the Grasshopper mouse? It lives in the deserts of North America, lives on a meat diet, and hunts scorpions. Unlike other animals, it is immune to scorpion venom and actually turns it into a pain killer. Oh, and this little rodent bad *** also howls at the moon, giving it ...

Pet dinosaur does not count as passenger in the HOV lane

As the world gets weirder, so do the faux passengers that unscrupulous drivers employ to gain access the HOV lane. Washington State Patrol officer Rick Johnson pulled over a speeding driver and discovered that the gentleman's only passenger was a stuffed dinosaur. Fortunately, the dinosaur was wearing a safety belt.

According to a UPI ...

Fifty of the most drug-drenched albums of all time

Here is another fabulous list of important records, this one organized around the theme of "most drug-addled." As with the avant-garde list, this author's choices are ripe for debate. The writing on the entries is also fun.

RAMPANT MADNESS, cheap powder, and the whiskey river: below are the 50 most debauched, sodden, and certifiable ...

What does a big chunk of ice sound like being dropped down a 450 foot hole in Antarctica? You can’t image how cool!

Would you guess the sound of ricocheting bullets on a Saturday morning cartoon? When isotopic geochemist, John Andrew Higgins, posted this to Twitter, people thought it was fake, a joke. He had to assure them it was not.

IT NEVER GETS OLD! Ice drop 2020! N(ice)ly done.🧊🕳️💥🔊

— Peter Neff (@peter_neff) ...