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Yet another disembodied foot in a shoe washed up on a British Columbia beach

Something odd is afoot. There have now been 15 disembodied feet inside shoes that have washed ashore in southwest British Columbia over the last 12 years. (Previously.) From CBC:

Since 2007, 10 of the 15 missing feet cases have been solved — all tied to missing person investigations, but this case, and four others, ...

Roswell UFO crash site sold to new owner

In 1947, an extraterrestrial spacecraft and its crew (or a weather balloon, or a nuclear test surveillance device) crashed on a ranch about 75 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico. That 78 acre property has just changed hands for the first time since the early 1950s when it was purchased by the Bogle family. Dinwiddie ...

PHOTO: ‘Ghost Apples’ of ice form in West Michigan after freezing rain

Aren't they beautiful? Here's how 'ghost apples' formed on this apple tree in West Michigan.

Ice forms on rotting apples, and as the apples decay, they slide down and out of the ice that is left behind hanging off the apple tree branches.

Photo shared courtesy of WOOD TV 8 of Michigan, via their Facebook ...

Friends: The One Where They Are ALL Nicolas Cage

Yes, as seen below, somehow Ross with Nicolas Cage's face makes him look even more like Ross. But now comes the discovery of this lost Friends episode above, "The One Where They Are ALL Nicolas Cage."

(TheAngryStag via r/funny)

Here's the original weirdness:

Ross from Friends with Nicolas Cages face on him just makes ...