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This is the first cannabis-themed US restaurant that encourages you to smoke **** inside

Los Angeles's Cannabis Cafe is the first restaurant in the United States that encourages its patrons to smoke **** inside. They sell cannabis products (including pre-packaged edibles) but none of the items on the menu are prepared with it. Based on Dave Holmes's review in Esquire, quoted below, the Cannabis Cafe is certainly a ...

Unearth the future of agriculture at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI with the CEOs of Traptic, Farmwise and Pyka

01.22.2020 · Posted in Hardware Articles, Technology Articles

Farming is one of the oldest professions, but today those amber waves of grain (and soy) are a test bed for sophisticated robotic solutions to problems farmers have had for millennia. Learn about the cutting edge (sometimes literally) of agricultural robots at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI on March 3 with the founders of Traptic, Pyka, and ...

Oregon’s **** sales are 420% higher than state average along the Idaho border

If you were in Idaho and wondering where to score some **** the answer is Oregon.


It's no hidden secret that Oregon is seeing higher marijuana sales in counties along their borders with Idaho, but a new report from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis found exactly how much more those counties are selling compared ...

Illicit THC dealers are raking in the bucks on Instagram: Report

Not so dank, dudes. NBC News reports that “countless purveyors of illicit THC products” are selling illegal cannabis or fake cannabis products in plain sight on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

“They are facilitating a public health crisis,” said Timothy Mackey, a professor at the University of California San ...

NJ to expunge criminal records of many *** offenders, and restore voting rights for 80,000+ convicts

New Jersey's Democrat governor today signed legislation to clear the state criminal records of low-level marijuana offenders, and he approved restoring the voting rights of more than 80,000 convicts.

Phil Murphy's signature today amounts to another big step toward legalization, and a positive move to increase the number of 2020 voters -- notable, because right now, ...

Gentleman arrested at airport with 80 pounds of marijuana disguised as holiday gifts

He was only dreaming of a green Christmas, you guys. In Nashville, Tennessee, an unfortunate gentleman is in jail after authorities, and their K-9 drug sniffing dogs to be precise, smelled some odiferous **** in the dude's luggage.

We're talking 80 pounds of dank, says the indictment.

Court documents say Tennessee state police caught Somphone Temmeraj, 57, ...

This is the most annoying **** ever made

11.26.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Around the holidays there is occasionally a "hot toy" for kids that flies off the shelves and winds up on eBay with a huge up-charge. This was the case for Furbies in my youth and more recently, Hatchimals.  In adulthood, though, these must-have... ...

Argument over marijuana leads to hit-and-run

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a driver rammed into a man after the two argued about stolen ****. A bystander recorded the gruesome attack on her phone and posted it to Twitter.

From the article:

At 1:40 in the video, the man in the sweatshirt gets into his black sedan, which was parked in front ...