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Despite the hype, the CBD molecule is actually pretty amazeballs

CBD is definitely screaming up toward the peak of inflated expectations, but it's not pure grift: the actual molecule and the way it interacts with our bodies is pretty amazing.

Writing in the New York Times Magazine, Moises Velasquez-Manoff dives deep into the history of therapeutic uses of CBD (which are necessarily small-scale and ...

Oreo maker Mondelez considers CBD-infused cookies and cannabis snacks

CBD-infused snacks could soon join the product line that includes Chips Ahoy cookies, Cadbury chocolate, and ****** Butter cookies.

Mondelez, the company that makes Oreo cookies, is reportedly considering adding the cannabis compound CBD to some of its cookies and snacks. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it's a calming/anti inflammatory component of (some but not all) ...

Facebook shows how AI bans the only thing people actually want more of on Facebook: ****

05.01.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Mike Schroepfer knows a dank nug when he sees one.  The chief technology officer at Facebook took the stage on the second day of the social media company's annual developer conference in San Jose to talk about machine learning, marijuana, and ma... ...

Study says cannabis-related hospital visits are on the rise in Colorado

03.28.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Researchers at the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital say that there have been 9,973 cannabis-related emergency room visits at their hospital between 2012 and 2016. They add that this means hospital trips related to cannabis use have tripled.&#... ...