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‘Euphoria’ star Lukas Gage keeps it classy after a director’s insulting Zoom fail

11.21.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

You've gotta remember to hit that mute button if you're going to talk trash. (Better yet, maybe just don't talk trash? Especially not this kind of trash.) Lukas Gage, a recurring player on HBO's Euphoria, shared a little clip on Friday from a recent ... ...

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey’s contrasting aesthetics have become a Twitter meme

11.19.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Congress grilled Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey at a hearing on Tuesday, questioning the respective CEOs of Facebook and Twitter on their moderation practices amidst the U.S. election. Held in order to investigate (pretty much debunked) allegations ... ...

Snap concludes investigation into racial bias, plans organizational changes to content team

11.19.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Snap said it has concluded an investigation into reports of racially insensitive incidents.  In June, former Snap employees spoke out on Twitter and gave their account to Mashable of what they claim was a racially biased culture on the content c... ...

Trump tweeted that Biden won and for a glorious second people thought he conceded

11.15.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Donald Trump finally admitted that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. Well, sort of. On Sunday morning, Trump began a tweet with the words "He won..." referring to Biden. The two words might not seem like much, especially since they were f... ...

Twitter pranksters flood pro-Trump march hashtag with pancake pics

11.14.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Nothing hits back at a bad-faith effort to overturn the result of the U.S. presidential election like pancakes. Scores of willfully misinformed Donald Trump supporters across the country gathered Saturday to spout conspiracy theories about nonexisten... ...

Snapchat now lets you compare in-depth astrology readings with friends

11.12.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

All is written in the stars. And now, also, on Snapchat. Snap has just built a full-fledged astrology app within Snapchat itself. Beginning Thursday, users can access their detailed astrological profile — including analyses and personality expl... ...