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HHO Generator Can Increase The Power Of Your Car Dramatically

08.25.2008 · Posted in Cars Articles

The term Water Car can be understood in two ways. 1) A water car that rides on water and 2) A water car that runs on water, but as a fuel. This article talks about using water as fuel for car. It sounds fascinating isn't it? Well, thanks to the technology that has brought water ...

The Secrets Behind Running Your Car On Water

08.15.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Many people can't believe that trying to run your car on water has been around for over three decades. The trying time of Yull Brown and his patented Hydroxy sparked interest from many large American companies years ago. The only problem was that he felt they wanted to buy him out to keep ...

Hydrogen Gas Saver – Is This thing even safe for me and my car?

07.25.2008 · Posted in Vehicles Articles

You've read in the newspapers, heard it on the radio, seen it on TV, and watched as it work on the internethydrogen gas saver (with water as fuel) is a MUST-HAVE for saving loads of dollars from oil prices and boosting up your car's mileage. ...

Why Some People Doubt Water as Fuel

07.12.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Although there is a great deal of discussion about water as a viable fuel source in automobiles, you'll still hear a lot of people who doubt the validity of this option. They don't believe hydrogen-powered vehicles are the future and don't think these kits and/or manuals would actually reduce the amount of gas used ...

Water Powered Car Promises to Improve Gas Mileage

06.03.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Oil charges have already reached sky high prices and affording an automobile has become a most difficult thing. Owning a car not only serves utility purpose but designates ones social standing for some as well. But the major problem that one has to face is of pollution and hike in crude oil prices which is ...