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Black Monday, How it Compares to Today’s Economy, From an Insider

10.15.2008 · Posted in Finance Articles

My wife, Susie, and I were walking on the beach this weekend and the subject of "Black Monday" came up. All of a sudden I was thinking back to what had happened to cause such a precipitous drop in the stock market. Whatever it was I remember feeling good about the fact that ...

Why IBM Profits Rose 20 Percent While World Markets Fell 20 Percent

10.12.2008 · Posted in Finance Articles

Amid the panic of investors, brokers, and analysts, world equity markets plunged 20 percent in one week. IBM presented signs of survival as the company prepares to release a full earning report on October 16 that will show a 20 percent jump in profit. The enormous impact of sickly stocks, broken banks, credit crunch, cascading ...

Bulletin: President Bush says “Our Economy Faces Challenge”

10.03.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Well, the word is finally out, and it came from the TOP! President Bush stepped forward and said "our economy is in danger", and also, "faces a great challenge." This all begs the question, where did this start and where is it going to end? ...

The Equal Guilt of Main Street and Wall Street

10.02.2008 · Posted in Finance Articles

We have been so quick to blame the titans of Wall Street for the current crisis of credit. For it is easy to censure the masters of the universe; who, with their eight-figure salaries and helicopter commutes from the Hamptons, loaned too much to too many. It is simple to hold responsible Alan Greenspan, E. ...